Simple Exercises for Rhode Island Dolls Dancers: Keep Your Body Great!

RI Doll WorkoutAs a Rhode Island Dolls dancer, you know that your body is one of your greatest assets. Sure, good manners, a pretty smile, and great hair and makeup all help to make you be the beautiful dancer who catches every man’s eye. But it is your body that makes you the dancer who has regular clients who come to see her as many times as they can during the week. It can be difficult to keep up with the strict regimen that many dancers put themselves through so that they can have the beautiful bodies that they need in order to look and dance their best. Here are some simple exercises that you can do that will help you stay in shape.

Work Your Butt

As a dancer, you want to have a nice butt and there’s a very easy exercise to help make sure that your butt and hips always look great. Simply lay down on the floor with your feet hip width apart, flat on the floor and your knees bent. Relax your arms to the side and lift you hips up as high as you possibly can, using only your hip muscles. Let your upper back stay on the floor. Do this exercise fifteen times, holding one minute each time you raise yourself up. Do it every day. This will help make sure that your rear end stays as beautiful as you want while you’re dancing at Rhode Island Dolls.

Grab An Exercise Band

Exercise bands are great ways to get in some resistance training without having to hit the gym. As a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls, you’ll want to make sure that your feet and your calves look as great as you can make them. Put a foot in the middle of the band while holding onto both ends and pull the band towards you while pushing away with your foot. Hold this position for three seconds and repeat ten times per leg. Your legs and feet will be sexy, strong, and curved for your dancing.

Get Weights

A pair of light hand weights is a Rhode Island Dolls dancer’s best friends. You only need weights that weigh 2-5 pounds. Every day you should do 10 lunges per leg. While lunging, do 10 plies. Once finished, you should do 20 bicep curls. A dead weight drop is an excellent way to keep your waist toned (and shrink it if needed). This move is simply where you stand with your feet spread hip width apart, hold a weight in either hand and bend sideways while stretching at the waist. Let the weight pull you down towards the ground then return slowly to the original position. Do this move 15 times on each side but remember to keep your body as flat as you can.


Dance classes can help a Rhode Island Dolls dancer stay in shape while also giving you great ideas for new routines and new moves. Dancing will allow you to build muscles that are long and lean while also keeping you flexible. This means you can exercise without worrying that you might end up looking more like a bodybuilder with bulky muscles than a lean and beautiful dancer. Dancing is also fun, so you not only can have fun while working but you can make exercise fun so you can actually enjoy everything you do.

Try Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are great exercise systems that will help you stay limber, build long and lean muscles, and keep your weight under control. Both forms of exercise can help you build the strength you need to be a Rhode Island Dolls dancer and there are several forms of both. For example, some forms of yoga are great for getting rid of any tension while others are more geared towards making you lean and strong. Pilates is a great mixture of both and is known for helping many people lose any stubborn fat they don’t want while making sure they look great. Either is perfect for a dancer.

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