Skin Care Tips for Dancers at RI Dolls

When it comes to being a dancer at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you want to always look your very best. This means taking care of your body and your skin. Having glowing skin will attract the customers and bring in more tip money for you. Not only do you want to watch what you eat, dress in your sexiest clothes, and choosing the best accessories, but you also want to keep your skin clear. After all, you will need to be beautiful to get the best tips you can get. Here are some great tips for skin care for exotic dancers at a strip club.

Wash off your makeup every night

You never want to sleep with your makeup left on. This can cause dirt and oil to build up and that is not going to help keep your skin youthful looking and glowing. Try to find a makeup remover that is also a skin cleanser.

Use Pimple removers

If you have a hard time with pimples popping up and you want to ensure they stay away, choose a good pimple remover. Make sure it is a nice skin cleanser that will help keep your face clean and glowing like it should. You can’t dance in pubic for the men with your face breaking out in nasty pimples. Because of this, ensure you use the pimple remover the right way and use it the way you are supposed to. Most of these skin care cleansers need to be used twice per day to be effective. Choose the best one you can to help get rid of those ugly pimples.


Make sure to moisturize as much as you can. You want your skin to be hydrated. When it becomes dehydrated, you start to look old. This is not good for you, especially since you are a dancer at a strip club. Dancers need to care for their skin every day.

Get enough rest

Make sure you get enough rest and sleep every night. Getting enough sleep and rest will be beneficial to your skin and body. Not only will you be dancing your heart out because you will have a ton of energy from sleeping enough, but you will have hydrated and healthy skin.

Eat right

One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to eat the way you are supposed to. This includes three square meals per day. This also includes eating your fruits and vegetables. Having a healthy diet can help keep your skin under check because it will keep you from getting breakouts from pimples.

Apply Lotion

Lotion can make your skin smooth and beautiful all the time. Use lotion on your face, hands, and legs. This will provide a glowing effect on your skin.


If you have dry and cracked lips, you can try to apply some honey to it. Honey has a healing affect that will help keep your lips smooth. Not only will it help with your dry and cracked lips, but honey also helps keep the skin hydrated, can help hydrate dry skin, and honey has anti-viral properties in it that makes for a good cold sore medication. Honey is an all-natural remedy for your skin care needs.

Keep wrinkles away

If you want to keep your skin from looking wrinkled and telling your age, you will need a good wrinkle eraser. You can buy wrinkle eraser products at pharmacy’s, dollar stores, or health food stores and use it on your skin to get rid of the wrinkles.

Use Sunscreen

You will also want to wear the best sunscreen you have available. This will protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and keep your skin looking nice and smooth and prevent sunburn. Having sunburn can ruin your skin. You can find sunscreen at pharmacy’s, dollar stores, and health stores.

Don’t talk on your phone too much

Talking on the phone a lot can actually lead to major breakouts and rashes along your cheek and jawline. This is why you should avoid talking a lot on your cell phone.

Take your vitamins

Make sure to take your vitamins every day. Not only are certain ones good for your skin but they are good for your whole body. Taking a multi-vitamin is a good idea because then you will be getting all of your vitamins in one vitamin.

Using the skin care tips above for dancers at a strip club will help you keep your skin clear and looking beautiful all the time.