Spend Some Holiday Time at Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s Club

RI Dolls - Holiday with usHolidays mean plenty of family time for most people, and that’s usually a good thing, but not always  😉 and so if you find yourself needing to escape the relatives or a while, escape to Rhode Island Dolls for some real holiday fun.

RI Dolls is open until 1 a.m. every day of the week, making it an ideal late-night spot for you to unwind after a stressful day of family drama. Avoid Aunt Martha’s prying questions and become Uncle Ralph’s new hero by treating him to a fun night at our classy club. We’re open nearly every day of the year, and we hope you’ll spend one of the holidays below with us.

Memorial Day

We love America just as much as you do, and we’d be honored to help you celebrate Memorial Day with some cold beers and hot dancers. If you aren’t already stuffed from BBQ and potato salad, feast on some of our delicious cheesy fries, hot wings, or southwest egg rolls.

Memorial Day is also an excellent time to splurge on VIP Bottle Service for your favorite military men and vets. We serve plenty of upscale drinks, from Dom Perignon to Moet. America is beautiful, and so are the women at Rhode Island Dolls.

Valentine’s Day

Single? Good, you’re free to look at all of the beautiful dancers at RI Dolls without having to answer to an angry wife or girlfriend. Attached? After you enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other, stop by the club together for an unforgettable show.

Some women are hesitant to visit a strip club with their man, but there’s no reason to worry. In fact, we host regular Couple’s Nights for men and women just like the two of you. Watching our dancers helps rekindle the spark in your relationship by allowing both of you to discuss your fantasies in a sexy yet safe environment.


Come in costume if you dare, or wear your regular clothes – we’re cool with it either way. Halloween at RI Dolls is a fun night with no tricks and plenty of treats. Forget about beat-up pillowcases stuffed with goodies and satisfy your sweet tooth with plenty of our sexy eye candy instead. Best of all, it’s calorie-free.

Our doors open early and close late, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your other Halloween festivities. Stop by for a lap dance from one of our lovely ladies, or just sit back and watch the on-stage entertainment. Happy Halloween indeed!


Gobble Gobble! Turkey is tasty, but have you heard about our award-winning food? If you haven’t tried it yet, skip the stuffing and stop by for some steak cut onion rings and golden chicken fingers. We also have grilled shrimp, beef tenderloin, and mouth-watering Super B.L.T. sandwiches.

Food isn’t our only claim to fame, though. We have something even better, and you’ll definitely figure out what it is within seconds of entering the club. Our sexy dancers are the reason men – and women – all over the state consider Rhode Island Dolls to be the hottest club on the east coast.

New Year’s Eve

Okay, we’ve heard the rumors about how all the clubs in town have nothing but ugly girls working on New Year’s Eve. We can’t speak for the other clubs, but we never have that problem at RI Dolls. There’s one reason why: We don’t hire ugly dancers. All of our women are attractive, easy to talk to, and ready to show you with a good time.

Grab your buddies or partner and get the party started at Rhode Island Dolls this New Year’s Eve. After all, there’s no better way to bring in the New Year than spending it surrounded by breathtakingly gorgeous women, right? We can even arrange for you to receive a sexy lap dance that’s still going strong as the clock strikes twelve. Our ladies work on the biggest party day of the year to make sure that you have a memorable evening, so show them some love and tip well. Don’t forget to make your New Year’s resolutions!