Spring Cleaning is DONE And I’m Celebrating at RI Dolls!

My wife has had me spring cleaning for weeks now. It seems like when the weather gets warmer she has this incredible need to sort through everything in the house, move it around, and reorganize it. Personally, I don’t get it. I mean, we just did it last year. How unorganized could it have gotten sitting in a box in the garage. But, that’s neither here nor there. I do what I can to make her happy. You know what they say – happy wife, happy life.

The other good thing is that when she is happy she doesn’t complain about my occasional trips to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a fair exchange but if you know many married guys there are a lot of them who have wives that will throw a complete fit if they go to a strip joint. Even once and they can end up in the dog house. But my wife is pretty cool. I keep her happy, she keeps me happy. And it makes me happy to hang out at RI Dolls every once in a while.

So, when I told her that when the spring cleaning was done I was going to Rhode Island Dolls she just smiled and said, “Ok honey. You have fun.”

I have been looking forward to going to Rhode Island Dolls tonight since the middle of the week. Besides the spring cleaning binge my wife has been on, I’ve been super busy at work. I’m working with new clients and training the new guy and I just seem to have a million things to do and a trip to RI Dolls is just what I need to relax.

I’m heading there early – around 4 PM or so – and meeting a few buddies. I can’t wait to relax with a few ice cold beers (they always have my favorite brand) and enjoying some good food. I haven’t decided what I am going to have yet though. I love the wings and their pizzas are amazing. But then again, a good hearty burger and fries just might do the trick, too. My buddies and I love the food there and its always worth going early to get some excellent food.

I called ahead because I wanted to make sure my favorite dancer was going to be on stage tonight. And it turns out that just around the time we finish eating she should be heading up on the stage for the first time of the night.

I’m telling you, this girl is beautiful. She’s got this long dark hair that flows all the way down to her butt and these full lips. When she smiles I feel like a super hero or something. I swear, the girl just pulls my strings. I’d never do anything with another woman but let’s just say that she lights my fire and my wife will not mind at all when I come home full of sexy thoughts.

Oh ya – that’s one thing. Guys, if you want your ladies to not mind about you going to strip clubs like RI Dolls, lay off the booze. I’m not saying you should be a saint or anything but take it easy. Have a couple beers and then ease back for a bit. You don’t have to get wasted to have a good time at Rhode Island Dolls. But if you follow my advice and don’t go overboard, when you do go home and you’re feeling happy and ready to get amorous with your lady, she’ll be happy when you actually can follow through on your advances. If you get drunk and stupid and go home and get her heated up and then pass out on her she’s going to be mighty pissed and she’s not going to be so willing to see you head of to see the Dolls again any time soon!

So, that’s about it for my night. Nope, no private dances for me. I don’t need to go that far. I have a beautiful wife to go home to. But I will likely buy a dance for by single buddy. He loves that stuff. And he has no one to go home to so he might as well enjoy it, you know?

Treat your lady right, keep her happy, and she’ll be more likely to let you do things that make you happy, like going to Rhode Island Dolls. Happy wife, happy life guys! Remember that!