St. Patrick’s Day: RI Dolls Dancers Can Make It Fun

If you think St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a day to have fun with at your job as a stripper at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you are so wrong! There’s loads of things you can do. People are already in the party mood so all  you have to do is keep them there.

There are loads of costumes and props you can use to add to the fun!

Dress up like a little leprechaun

Dressing up like a little leprechaun will make your customers go wild and beg for more. This will definitely bring the money in too! You don’t have to look as ugly as one but wear the same clothes they do. Try sparkly green short shorts, a cute top hat, a funky cane – it’s all about the creativity! This will be really fun for you too!

Green clothes

Everyone wears green clothes on St. Patrick’s Day and you should too. It will show how into the customers you really are to show them how lucky they will be to watch you dance. Green clothes includes a green outfit such as a green bikini top and bottom because you still have to show your skin to the customers so they will keep tipping you with lots of money. Any type of green bikini will do as long as it is all green and all sexy!

Green props

You are a dancer so you need green props too. A little sparkly green cape can be a fun prop to hide and then reveal your body.  A green boa can be used to enhance your sexy moves. A green leprechaun hat, a gold cane or a rainbow scarf can be used, too. There are lots of ways that you can be creative with props that you can integrate into your dancing

Green accessories

Green accessories can include earrings that have a lucky charm on them or a little leprechaun, a green belt with the same things on it (belts are great for stuffing money in!), green lingerie, green shoes that have the same on them, and anything else you can add to your outfit to make it sexy enough to bring the money in.

More green prop ideas for you

Wearing a green hat on St. Patrick’s Day will make you look wild and sexy too. You can even take the hat off and throw it into the audience to make them happy. Attaching a green bow to your outfit will make you look even hotter. Don’t forget to add a rainbow to your outfit so your customers can look for their treasure on the other side.

Do you want even more green or rainbow colored St. Patrick’s Day prop ideas for RI Dolls dancers? What about some green balloons or rainbow colored balloons to add to your stage? You also need a green Fedora hat to make everything complete to look like the little sexy leprechaun that you are!

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday for everyone, and the RI Dolls dancers get into it too. With you being a dancer, you can really come up with some awesome and creative ideas to make the holiday fun for all, customers included. Make them want to come back. Don’t forget to serve them green beer to make the holiday complete.

Having green props and costumes for you and the other dancers on this green an lucky holiday will make things lucky for everyone. Your customers will definitely want to come back after they experience their St. Patrick’s Day at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Make them beg for more and want to come back by showing them how you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Make things fun for you and everyone by turning everything green around you. Don’t forget to hand out lucky charms and hats to all the customers too. They will love this part and will definitely want to come back for more holiday fun! Giving them little party favors to take home and remember their awesome night at RI Dolls will make them all really happy. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these party favors either. You can find them anywhere around Rhode Island or online. Either way make sure to say Happy St. Patrick’s Day as they walk in the door to put a big smile on their face when they see you.