Strip Clubs and the Dances Clients Can Enjoy

One of the best things about going to strip clubs in Woonsocket, like Rhode Island Dolls, is the dancer and the dances that they can give to customers. Some gentlemen’s clubs will have different names for the dances and not all dances might be available at all clubs. While some kinds of dances are public, others are more private and they are worthy paying a little bit extra for. No matter what though, remember that the girls are doing a job – they aren’t just there for fun – so tip them well and show your appreciation.

1. Dollar Dances

Just the way they sound, these are less costly dances that give clients a taste of what they can get if they order more from the dancer. It’s usually only about 30 seconds to a minute long and there’s not much intimacy but it’s a fun way to get to see the dancer up close. Typically, dollar dances are performed right after the dancer’s set on stage and in some clubs they are only offered during the slower hours, like during the day. Don’t ask for these. If they are available, the dancers will offer them. If a dancer if offering dollar dances she’ll approach you and if you agree to one, she’ll give you a sassy and personal quick dance to entice you to order more dances.

2. Table Dances

Table dances, which might not be available at all clubs, can be a lot of fun, too. They are similar to dollar dances. Despite their name, they don’t usually take place on a table unless the club has good sturdy tables with lots of room designed specifically for that purpose. Since these dances are usually longer than dollar dances, they also cost more. They take place in the main room of the bar so they aren’t intimate but they are up close and personal for one person. Others with you will be able to watch, too; but they won’t be as close to her as the one that purchased the dance. Her attention will be on that one person.

3. Private Dances

These kinds of dances are especially fun because it is something that is shared between only you and they dancer. For the most part, anyway. Generally, a private dance is in a room off the main part of the club. It may or may not have curtains for privacy but it is generally somewhat secluded and more intimate. There’s usually a bouncer nearby for the dancer’s protection. You’ll likely be expected to pay first and you will still be expected to leave a tip. If you’re at the gentleman’s club with your wife or girlfriend, these are the type of dances most women prefer but you should know that if you are getting a private dance for the two of you it will likely cost double the regular price. Don’t even try to think of bargaining for a better price. This is considered rude in most establishments.

4. VIP Dances

These are the best kind of dances. If it is a real VIP room it will be completely private (with the exception of the bouncer that will still be standing close by). There might be two way mirrors also to protect the dancers and to make sure that no rules are being broken. There may be certain other expectations, like the purchase of a premium bottle of alcohol. It is definitely the most intimate of settings and you will get to spend more time with the dancer. Conversation may be encouraged. It’s almost like a date.

No matter what kind of dance you decide to get while you are at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls, you should make sure that you understand what the dancer will and won’t do. Also, make sure you understand what is expected of you and what is allowed. Breaking rules, offending the dancer, and generally going over the line can get you expelled from a strip club and they are not forgiving if you treat the girls wrong.

Always remember that the dancers are providing a service. They are there to entertain you, make you smile, and make you feel good. But there are limits and you should always respect that. The strippers are human beings and you should always treat them well.

If you’ve never been to a dance club, don’t be afraid to sit back and observe for a while. Watch and learn. When you’re ready, order a dollar dance or a table dance and get a feel for it. It’s all in good fun so relax and have a good time!