Summer Pre-Gaming At Rhode Island Dolls

Summer is the best. The weather is hot and the girls dress in skimpy shorts and tank tops. I look forward to summer every year. This summer seems to be coming so slowly though! Even though it is supposed to be spring, the weather has not been cooperating this year. So, I do a little summer pre-gaming at RI Dolls. Ok – there’s no gaming involved. I just like to call it that. RI Dolls is definitely where you want to be though if you want to heat things up a bit – or a lot!

A few of my buddies and I already made plans to head over to Woonsocket and go to Rhode Island Dolls in two weeks. This gives me plenty of time to fantasize about what our first warm-weather trip to the strip club will be like. There will be a total of 5 of us there. We plan to get there before 6 PM so we don’t have to pay a cover charge. We’ll start with some food to curb our hunger cravings, but you know we’re really there to satisfy our craving for hot chicks.

I’m no stranger to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket so I have a pretty good idea what the night will be like. Thinking about it gives me sweet dreams, if you know what I mean! Being at the best gentlemen’s club in Rhode Island is definitely a pleasant thought.

I know there will be all types of girls there, but I’m looking for a petite little thing with long and silky brown hair. She’d be wearing something like a pair of red lace boy shorts and a tiny matching push-up bra. I’d also love to see a Doll wearing a pair of Daisy Duke’s and an American Flag bikini top, which I consider to be the ideal wardrobe for any hot American woman. If I can find a girl like that at RI Dolls, then I’ll be in heaven.

I don’t want he to think I’m just a big ol’ perve so I start off slow and give her some money for a lap dance. A long song comes on – my lucky day – and she starts her dance with a slow shimmer of her hips.

I’d watch her take her red lacy lingerie off, bit by bit. Her perfectly tanned body would sparkle in the club lights. I’d have to sit on my hands so that I behave myself. As she rode my thigh, I’d look at every inch of her smooth skin. I’d be close enough to smell her coconut shampoo, which reminds me of being at the beach on a hot summer day.

It’s tempting to get another dance right away but I don’t have money for lap dances all night long so I would likely order another drink or two to keep me busy for a while. The dancers at RI Dolls are so beautiful but there’s one that I really like so I hope she’ll be around when we go next time. I love watching her on stage. I always try to get a seat right at the front so I don’t miss a thing. I tend to spend a lot of money when she’s up there, though. The more I tip, the more attention I get from her and that’s a good thing.

And I night at Rhode Island Dolls just isn’t complete without a private dance. I tend to save that for the end of the night. And because I know that I have a private dance coming from my favorite doll, I go easy on the booze. I don’t want to be slobbering drunk because then she might not give me my dance. I stay happy but I don’t get wasted because I don’t want to miss a thing when my favorite dancer is giving me a private show.

I haven’t done it yet, but my buddies and I have been talking about getting the VIP room for an hour or so next time we go. I hear that it is extra special and there’s the VIP bottle service to look forward to, as well.

Now that I’m back to reality, I’m even more excited about going to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club with the guys. I hope these next two weeks fly by, so I can get a taste of what it’s really like in the VIP room with a few sexy Dolls dressed like it’s already summer time.