Sunday Night Football at Rhode Island Dolls

If you love football and you love watching the dancers at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you’re going to love this. Rhode Island Dolls is now open from 6 pm to 1 am. Even better, there will be football games playing on the televisions all night long! Come and find a seat in front of our big 100” TV screen and you’ll feel like you are right there at the game.

The season will be better than ever when you enjoy it with us. It’s like watching the game at home – relaxing but so much better because you’ll have great company, a huge TV, and all the food that you can manage. And you won’t have to cook the food yourself. And let’s not forget that you’ll get to watch the game surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the country!

Here are some great reasons to head over to RI Dolls to watch the football game:

#1 Company

Bring your buddies or head over by yourself – either way you’ll have loads of other football fans to enjoy the game with. No matter who you are cheering for, you’ll be able to find your tribe at Rhode Island Dolls. Join in the camaraderie as you cheer your team to victory.

There’s no better place to get together with your fellow football fans. Screaming at the ref with a bar full of other football fans. Discuss the action, play by play, with fellow visitors at the strip club as you feast on tasty food and watch beautiful women dance. True story: The RI Dolls love football season just as much as you do, and they’ll be performing all night long to show their appreciation for this all-American pastime.

#2 Clear Touchdowns

Does huddling around a tiny tube TV in your dorm or living room sound anything but fun? Catch every exciting move on the modern, generously sized TVs at our gentleman’s club. Instead of guessing who fumbled or passed the ball, get a good look at the name and number on every player’s jersey as you root for your home team. The picture will jump right out at you. Heck, this is better than watching a game at the stadium any day! You can see each play in great detail and you always have the best and most comfortable seats in the house.

#3 Ice-Cold Drinks

Screaming “Let’s go, team!” at the television screen is enough to make anybody work up a thirst. Treat your parched throat to a frosty draft beverage for just a buck, or order one of your other favorite drinks at its regular price at the bar. If you prefer to cool down with a non-alcoholic beverage, we carry soda, water, and virgin daiquiris. And our beer buckets are back at a price you can’t resist.

#4 Delicious Food

Admit it: Your draft looks a bit lonely when it’s not sitting beside a steaming pile of wings. We’ve got unbelievable deals on wings this football season. There will be specials every Sunday night including our wings specials. And don’t forget that the regular menu is always available. Delicious burgers, pizza, and so much more. This is a great time to try something new and delicious..

#5 RI Dolls Dancers

Everybody loves football season, but the real reason that most people come to see the dancers at our Woonsocket club is simple: the women are absolutely beautiful. Who needs cheerleaders that stay on the field when you’ve got beautiful ladies like the Rhode Island Dolls dancers standing right next to you, bouncing up and down as their favorite team gets another touchdown. Few things in life compare to tanned, toned legs of an attractive woman wrapped seductively around a pole, and we’ve got a highly talented staff filled with stunning dancers. Sure, cheerleaders are fun, but we have our own exclusive cheerleading team that will be up close and personal!

Football season is here, and we want to celebrate with you. We’ve got cheap wings, cold beer, and gorgeous strippers. Oh, and the game is on, too. See you there! It’s way better than being in a cold stadium where the beer is overpriced and the hot dogs have been sitting in a warmer for hours. Comfort, good people, good food – now this is what watching football is supposed to be like!