Taking My Boyfriend to Rhode Island Dolls Before the School Year Starts

My boyfriend and I turned 21 this summer and we are both going back for another year of college – at separate schools. We were at the same school in previous years but because he changed his major, we’ll be apart for the first time.

He thinks I don’t trust him and he’s worried that I’ll be all paranoid. So, to show  him exactly how much I do trust him, I’m taking him to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

I’ve arranged to have his going away party at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. It’s a gentleman’s club and he has no idea what he’s in for. I’m sure he’s been to strip clubs before, but I know he has this girl-girl fantasy going on – which is not my thing. But I don’t mind letting him watch while I get a couple of lap dances!

The plan is that all of his friends are going to head there around 5:30. We’re going to go to this fancy restaurant where we “have a reservation.” Of course, we don’t really have a reservation so once we get there and find out that they “lost” our reservation, I’ll suggest going to another place. Then I’ll drive us to RI Dolls. He’ll be confused but I’ll insist that I heard they have great steak.

And you know, even though it is a strip club, Rhode Island Dolls does have what looks like a really good menu. I looked them up online and they have a lot of choices. I know my boyfriend is going to go for the steak but I have a fondness for hamburgers and someone I know that does go there sometimes said their burgers are amazing. And the wings. Who doesn’t like wings? I can’t wait to try their food. And I know my boyfriend will like it, too. If there is one thing we have in common, it is food. We’ll likely order way too much food and I’ll try some of his and he’ll try some of mine and we’ll get stuffed.

Anyway, we’ll go in and all of our friends we’ll surprise him. I’m positive that he has no clue what is going on, so it will be really cool to see his face when he walks in there and sees all these people we know. And when he realized that his girlfriend purposefully brought him to a strip club, he’ll be really shocked!

Everyone is going to have some food and some drinks and hang out and have a good time. And watch some strippers of course. I just hope the gang doesn’t get too rowdy! I don’t want to get thrown out!

I plan on flirting it up with the dancers all night long because I know it will drive him crazy. Although I don’t want to sleep with another girl, I do like playing around and flirting with girls and I know that guys love that kind of thing. So, I’m quite curious to see what his reaction will be.

When I think he’s sufficiently crazed, I’m going to get him a lap dance. I think it will make him a little uncomfortable to get a lap dance while I’m watching and it will be interesting to see him squirm. Some of my friends that are going out with his friends have agreed to do the same thing, so it will be great to watch them squirming and wondering what is going through our minds.

But we’ve all agreed that after the guys have had their lap dances, we’re going to get lap dances for ourselves and make them even more crazy. It’s all in good fun.

I think that having a going away party for my boyfriend before he goes off to college is a great idea. My girlfriends thought it was too. I want him to know that it is ok for him to have fun at college when I’m not there. He can flirt if he wants, even if it is not at a strip club. As long as he’s not cheating and as long as he is coming home by himself, I’m fine with a little flirting. I want him to know that if he wants to go to a strip club while he’s away it’s totally fine with me. I know that those girls at the clubs are professionals. They aren’t out to steal my man – they just want his money!  So, if he wants to spend money at a strip club and feel like he’s doing something naughty, it’s all good.