10 Characteristics of a Dancer that Customers Come Back For

RI Dolls StripperIn order to make it as a dancer in Rhode Island Dolls, you need regular customers. It takes more than just being a beautiful girl who knows how to dance. Here are ten characteristics that will turn your customers into regulars.

1. Personality

Customers will love a dancer who is charming and sweet but they will be turned off by dancers who are predatory. If you are rude to the other girls or customers, it will be noticed. Be nice and it will go a long way to getting you customers.

2. Fantasy

As a dancer at RI Dolls, it’s your job to create a fantasy world for your customers. The better you are able to do that, the happier and more regular your customers will be. You should always remain a little out of reach. They’ll quickly be unable to avoid coming to see their perfect woman.

3. Connection

You need to have a connection with your customers. Learn about them, share some information about you (without being too personal), and listen to them.

4. Confidence

It takes a lot to be a RI Dolls dancer. If you’re confident in yourself and what you do, then it will shine through as you dance. Customers love to see a dancer who is confident because it helps them know that you really are there for them. Confidence is always sexy.

5. Costume

The costumes that you wear are very important. Tell your customers that you want their opinions on your costumes and then listen to them. If your regular has a particular one that he loves, and you know when he’s coming in, wear it for him. He’ll love you for it.

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6. Memory

Make it a point to remember what your customers say, especially if you believe that they will become regulars. If you remember his name and greet him when he comes in, then he will feel special. If you can remember things such as his favorite music or other little tidbits, you will have a regular fast.

7. Attention

Customers like dancers who give them their full attention. If you are talking with a customer, and your friend comes over to chat and you start to talk with your friend, your customer is going to feel ignored. They won’t be coming back to a dancer who doesn’t treat them like the king of the world.

8. Body Art

Some men may like a dancer who has multiple piercings or who has several tattoos. However, some of the men who are big tippers and that become regular customers prefer girls who have less tattoos and who have only their ears and maybe belly button pierced. You should also avoid using glitter as body art. Glitter rubs off on everything and most men do not want to walk around with glitter on them.

9. Honesty

If you create a world for yourself to share with them that’s outside the club, don’t let yourself get caught in a blatant lie. If you say you’re not married and they see you one night with a wedding band you forgot to take off, your customer is likely to distance himself from you. You should also always be honest when you are handling his money. If you never ask if he wants change, he may decide you’re a con.

10. Politeness

Always mind your manners as a dancer. A customer is more likely to become a regular if you are polite to him. Avoid cursing unless asked. Ask if he wants a dance. If he has boundaries, respect them like you expect him to respect yours. Don’t let him believe you only want his money.

If you’d like to check out employment opportunities at Rhode Island Dolls, visit our Employment Application Form and also our growing library of Articles & Tips for our Dancers