The 29th Annual Skins Tournament Will Make You Love Golf!

Golf PosterDo you love golf? If you haven’t discovered the fun of golfing yet, you need to check out the 29th Annual Skins Tournament with the Rhode Island Dolls strip club in Woonsocket, RI. You’ll wish you’d taken up the sport long ago.

Just to be clear, though, most golfing events aren’t like this one. They might have camaraderie. There might even be booze and good food. But can they say they have gorgeous erotica dancers playing right alongside you and keeping you company? Not likely.

One thing is for sure: this is one golf tournament that will keep you alert and engaged!

If you are someone who already enjoys golf, you are going to find Rhode Island Dolls-style golfing to be a little spicy. If you are someone who has previously found golfing and golf tournaments to be a little boring, enjoying the annual golf tournament hosted by RI Dolls may be just what you need to change your mind about golfing!  Whether you love golf or hate it, you are guaranteed to look at it a little differently after you spend a day playing it while enjoying exotic dancers on the sidelines.

RI Dolls hosts an annual golf tournament each and every year. This year marks the 29th Annual Golf Tournament hosted by this incredible gentleman’s club. In fact, this gentleman’s club takes great pride in being the best club anywhere in Rhode Island. How could you say “no” to playing golf with a beautiful stripper at your side?

If you’ve decided this is the kind of golfing tournament you’ve got to get in on – you will be happy to know it is being held on Monday, August 1, 2022. You don’t want to be late as you are going to miss out on some of the most gorgeous exotic dancers this strip club has to offer! Fortunately, you can count on these gorgeous girls to keep you company even if you are late.

Be sure to head over to the Country View Golf Club, located at 49 Club Lance in Burrillville, Rhode Island before the tournament starts to ensure all of the fun. You can give the golf club a phone call at golf club at 401-568-7157 if you have any questions (or if you want some more information).

We know what you are thinking – how much is it going to cost for you to spend the day with RI Dolls playing a little golf? Well, you’ll just need to round up $150 for every person you are bringing with you. Please don’t let that price scare you as you are going to be spending the day golfing with some of the most gorgeous girls in all of Rhode Island. It also helps if you understand what all this $150 fee includes. It includes green fees, coffee, pastries, the use of the golf course, the delicious grilled lunch, and the draft beer you get to enjoy after you reach the turn. When you really start to think about it, you might wonder why it is so cheap! Don’t forget you are going to be spending the day with the gorgeous dancers of RI Dolls while you are golfing for that price too!

Still not sure? Well, that is probably because you haven’t gotten to the best part yet. When the tournament is over – we want you to head over to RI Dolls to enjoy some more RI Doll style entertainment and a mouthwatering buffet dinner. If you happen to be a good golfer, you might even get to enjoy one of the great prizes we are offering as well. Keep in mind, RI Dolls considers everyone who comes to this tournament to be a winner. You don’t have to win to be a winner. You’ll still enjoy the gorgeous dancers who are going to hang out with you during the tournament! After all, you are paying $125 to spend an entire day enjoying gorgeous strippers from one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Rhode Island. At the end of the day, you’ll be enjoying a nice buffer dinner with these dancers. Who doesn’t want that?

Naturally, there are a few rules to make sure the tournament runs smoothly. First, no metal spikes. Second, and probably the biggest rule we have, is do not bring any alcohol with you to the tournament. You will get a free draft beer after the turn – and, there will be beer you can enjoy at the buffet after the tournament. But, you need to leave your alcohol at home for this one.