The Best Long Songs to Choose for Lap Dances

When you’re at RI Dolls getting a lap dance, do you listen to the music? If you do, you’ll notice that different songs arouse different people. A slow song entices the stripper to be more soft and sensual during her lap dance. A fast song allows the erotic dancer to be more passionate and unreserved. Since most lap dances are by song length, guys are always hoping a long song is played when it’s their turn for a sexy lap dance from a RI Doll. Instead of hoping, request a long song so you are guaranteed one. So how do you know what the best long songs for lap dances are? Well, the best long lap dance songs are the songs that you like. But, in case you are looking for some ideas for your next visit to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, this will help you:

Even if you don’t realize it, your subconscious mind is listening to and reacting to the music played during your lap dance. It not only puts you in a certain frame of mind, but music sets the stage for the exotic dancer performing for you. In other words, if you want the best possible lap dance, you should choose the song. You are in control, so if you want a stimulating lap dance with a lot of movement, choose a fast song. If you want a dance that is more erotic and intimate, request a slow song. There is no best or worst or right or wrong song, but there are right songs for you. You want to be able to relate to the song, but not so much that you can’t help yourself from singing along. The key is to find a great song that’s long, so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying the stripper’s performance.

Prince’s “Darling Nikki” is a great song for lap dances. It starts off really slow, so you can enjoy the strip show, then it speeds up a little, which will get your stripper to pick up the pace and really show you what she’s got. There are sexual lyrics in this song, which is about a girl seducing her lover, that will get you nice and hot while you’re enjoying your lap dance.

Or, you can dip way back into the 80s and request “Pour Some Sugar On Me” from Def Leppard. This song has been playing in strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs for years and it never gets old. The chorus alone is enough to turn you on, which goes something like this: “Pour some sugar on me. Ooh in the name of love. Pour some sugar on me. C’mon fire me up. Pour your sugar on me. I can’t get enough. I’m hot, sticky sweet, from my head to me feet, yeah.”

If you are looking for something different than what you typically hear in a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls, try “I’m A Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears. This song is great for putting a stripper’s booty into action. “Buttons” by Pussycat Dolls has an empowering vibe that can make even the most timid Doll into a panther ready to attack. Better yet, request the deliciously raunchy Nine Inch Nails song, “Closer.” Your dancer will be bumping and grinding to this keyboard and guitar-filled ditty that has lyrics like ” “You let me desecrate you. You let me penetrate you. I want to fuck you like an animal. I want to feel you from the inside.” Get a lap dance to “Sex (I’m a),” by Lovage. This is a relatively unknown song from 2001 that talks about one-night stands, virgins, and making love. The overdubbed orgasmic moans in this song will have your head spinning.

Choosing the best long song for your lap dance can mean the difference of you melting into a puddle on the floor, or you walking away wondering if something was missing from the experience. So, instead of leaving it in the hands of the DJ at Rhode Island Dolls, take control like a real man and make a request. When you get a lap dance from a Doll, and it’s being done to a great lomg song that you picked out, it will make the dance better than you’ve ever imagined. This is true, even if the song fades into the background and you don’t even realize it’s one while you’re watching a RI Doll give you the lap dance of your dreams.