The Best Part of Being Home for the Summer is RI Dolls and the Skins Tournament

This past year has been so hard! It was my first year at college and my first time away from home. I had to learn how to manage my money and I didn’t know a soul here at this school. Sure, I made friends – I’m a pretty friendly guy – and even met some really hot girls. But it wasn’t anything like home. I missed hanging out with my best buddies and I missed all the sexy dancers at Rhode Island Dolls.

The summer before I went to college, my buddies and I worked like crazy. Most of us were saving money for school. But on those hot summer nights when we couldn’t get out to the beach, we’d head over to Rhode Island Dolls for some air conditioning and drinks and to watch those gorgeous women.

As the school year was wrapping up and I stressed over exams. Seriously, they were tough to get through. But when I got really worked up and couldn’t focus anymore, I’d think about going home, seeing my buddies and heading out to RI Dolls for a night on the town.

There was this one dancer that I always thought of when I remembered the good times at Rhode Island Dolls. Some strip clubs don’t have the best dancers but all the girls at RI Dolls are beautiful and love their jobs. Seems that way anyways. But this one girl. What was her name?

I’m horrible at names.

Anyway, I always hoped she’d be there when I went to watch the erotic dancers. She was a redhead and I do love red heads. She’s tiny and petite with cute little breasts and a lithe figure. And that girl – she really knew how to move. She told me that when she was younger she used to take ballet lessons so she was used to poles. I had to laugh at that.

When she was on the stage dancing, I felt like I was the only man in the room. She would make eye contact with me as she did her routine. She’d lick her lips and let her hands slide over her body. And the way she worked that pole…well, the thoughts that came in my head were not something I would share with anyone!

She had this way of making me feel like I could do or be anything. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the way she intently looked into my eyes when I was talking to her. Those beautiful green eyes – have I mentioned that?  Or maybe it was the fact that she was never looking around the room trying to find her next customers, even if I wasn’t buying that night.

But I do have to confess that most of the time I was buying if she was there. I just couldn’t resist the temptation to have some one-on-one time with her. If I had money, I was buying a private dance. She wasn’t a big talker but she was a great listener. Even if I wasn’t talking (sometimes it was really hard to get words out when her sexy body was dancing in front of me and I knew that dance was just for me) she was listening to my body language. She seemed to pick up on everything I was feeling and thinking just by listening with her eyes. I have never met another woman that could do that before.

As exams finished up, I was really hoping that she would still be working at the Rhode Island Dolls strip club.

So far, the summer has been awesome. What I’m really looking forward to though is the yearly Skins Tournament – it’s a summer Rhode Island Dolls tradition. $150 includes a day of golf and girls, draft beer on the turn, coffee and pastries and lunch. There are even prizes for the top 3 teams, the longest drive, closest to the pin and the Vegas hole.

Of course, everyone goes back to RI Dolls after the tournament for dinner and entertainment. Everyone’s a winner when you think about it.

This year is the 28th tournament. I can’t say I’ve been to the all but my dad and uncle both can. They’ve been going to the RI Dolls golf tournament since it started and they’ve been bringing me since I was legally allowed to go. I hope someday I’ll be able to bring  my own son.