The Best Place To Cool Off On A Hot Day Is At RI Dolls

It’s getting pretty hot here in Woonsockeet, RI and finding a place to cool off is important. Sure, I could sit around my house and crank the air conditioning but that gets pretty boring after awhile. It’s much more fun to cool off at Rhode Island Dolls, the best gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket.

Today was one of those days. I’d been out doing stuff all day long and was hot and it was crazy outside. I had no food in my house and no beer and if I was going to go out – well, might as well go to RI Dolls where the beer is cold and the air conditioning is colder. The only thing hot there is the dancers.

I got up early to do yard work and finish a few backyard projects I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. When the afternoon rolled around, after the heat was beating down on me all day, I was ready to stop working. I took a shower to cool off and clean up, but it just didn’t do it for me. Since my wife was out with her girlfriends and my kids were at their grandparent’s house for the night, I decided to call my buddy to see if he wanted to grab a drink at a local bar to cool off. That’s when my friend Mike suggested we go to RI Dolls. Of course, I didn’t say no!

About an hour later, we were at the strip club dressed in our nicest summer clothes. The air conditioning felt great after working in the hot sun all day. The cold beers we were drinking tasted like gold. I was finally cooling off, on the inside and out. And that’s when I saw her and I felt the heat rising up inside of me again.

Alicia is my favorite Doll in the club. Every time I go, she’s there. What I like best is that she remembers my name and my favorite song. She spotted me from across the room and waved. After saying bye to the dude she was chatting with, she came right over and gave me a big hug. I have to admit, she’s looking extra fine tonight!

After talking for a bit she knew I was ready. She asked if I wanted a private dance. Now, there are not many men that can’t find the money for a private dance with her when she asks. She’s just that sexy.

She grabbed my finger and gentle pulled on it so that I’d stand up. She then squeezed my finger so that I’d follow her to a more private area of the club.

She sat next to me and talked until the current song was over. In the few seconds before the next song started, she stood up and got in position to start her performance. After 3 beats, I knew that she had requested my favorite song to play for our first dance of the night. This song always puts me in a great mood, though listening to it while a sexy woman is stripping in front of me always helps!

What I like about Alicia is that she dances a little different than all the other strippers in the club. She does this thing with her hips that drives me insane. It makes me think about how good it would feel if she was on top of me doing that same grinding motion. I don’t think I could contain myself for more than 2 minutes with that type of action. God, she is such a turn on! I also love to watch her touch her plump round breasts. A little squeeze and my mouth starts to water. When she’s close enough that I can smell her hair, I know I’m in heaven.

I pay for a second dance with Alicia. During this dance she tells me that she’s going to be in the shower room later that night. Could this night get any more perfect? After her second dance is over, I drink another beer and Mike and I head to the shower room so we can get good seats for Alicia’s shower show.

This performance was better than I ever expected. I never thought of a girl taking a shower as being sexy, but Alicia gives the word shower a whole new meaning to me. I love watching the soap bubbles slide over her skin and puddle around her pretty toes. When she rubbed the soft sponge between her legs, I squirmed in my seat.

The next thing I new, I was laying on the cold kitchen floor. I must have passed out from the heat. So this was all a dream? It was more like an awesome fantasy that I wanted to come true. My wife and kids were really away from home, so I called my buddy and we ended up going to RI Dolls to cool off after our long, hot summer day!