The Best Rock Songs For Dancers At Rhode Island Dolls

One of the best types of music for dancers at RI Dolls is good old fashioned rock music. It is the kind of music that people of all generations like. No matter how hot you look or how good your dance moves are, it can all get ruined by a lame song or a song that your customers just don’t connect with. This is why your play list is so important.

Your music sets the mood for your dance set. Sure, it is great to start off with something slow and sensual but once you get started, there’s nothing to get the crowd more excited than some sexy rock and roll. A little metal, a little 80’s rock, and your crowd will be begging for more.

Your music choice can get you energized, too. It can get your blood pumping and make you more fun to watch. When you’re excited about your music, your customers will get excited about what you are doing on the stage. And when they get excited about your dancing, they will want to see more. Hopefully, in the form of a lap dance or a private dance!

Here’s some suggestions to add to your playlist:

Van Halen: Hot for Teacher
This song will make you want to role play, dressing up as a naughty teacher and dancing your hips off to the crowd watching you. You want the men to reach inside their pockets and hand over that cash to you and if they get to watch you dance while listening to this song, they will be handing over their money to you as fast as they can. Every guy dreams of being with one of their teachers and with you dressed up like a teacher, this will make them throw their money at you.

Warrant: Cherry Pie
This song screams at you to take your clothes off when dancing on the stage in front of all those men. They will be throwing their money at you with this song too. Watch them sing along to this song while you shake your hips to this great song. You’re not a stripper at a gentleman’s club if you haven’t danced to this song yet!

Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
Where this song is playing, there are the ladies dancing to it and where the ladies are dancing to it, there are the men following ready to give you their hard earned money! Dancing to this song will put you in a great mood and make you want to dance more.

AC/DC: You Shook me All Night Long
Every man dreams of being shook all night long by a dancer in a strip club. If you are planning on dancing at the RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you will be sure to be dancing all over the pole to this awesome song. Picture yourself with one of the men in a hotel for some privacy, especially your favorite customer, and you will be dancing your butt off and shaking your hips like crazy to this song!

Motley Crue: Girls, Girls, Girls
If this song doesn’t put you in the mood to dance on the stage in front of everyone who is hungry to tip you large amounts of cash, nothing will. Everyone dreams of being with their favorite dancer to this song and if you go out on that stage, with your hair done in a way that it will look nice and wild, a sexy little outfit to show your body, and ready to dance up a storm as soon as the music starts, you will be raking in the cash every night.

There are many other hot and sexy rock songs that you could add to your list. Look through your old cassette tapes for ideas. Better yet, check out what your parent’s were listening to. A lot of your customers are likely to be in the same age group as them so why not find some songs that they can connect to? Give them some music that reminds them of that girl they made out with in the back of their first car or the songs that played on the radio when they were hanging out in their parents’ basements. Find songs that your customers love and they will love you, too!