The Difference Between A Strip Club And A Gentleman’s Club Like RI Dolls

When you want to go out for an evening of adult entertainment, you have two options: a strip club and a gentleman’s club. These are two terms that you often hear thrown around, and sometimes used interchangeably. But, there is a big difference between a strip club and a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Continue reading to learn more:

Club Decor

One of the first things you’ll notice about a gentleman’s club is that the decor is much classier than what you’d find in a typical strip club. A gentleman’s club is usually furnished with nice and clean tables, comfortable chairs without scratches, soft couches that look brand new, rugs that are vacuumed, and the club is pretty well lit. If you look in the corners, you won’t find any cobwebs in a gentleman’s club. It looks like everything inside the club is expensive and well taken care of.

In a traditional strip club, the atmosphere isn’t usually as classy. Tables are not always cleaned off after each customer leaves, chairs are often cheap, and carpets are stained and sometimes not vacuumed as much as they should be. And it’s usually much darker in these types of clubs to hide the imperfections. Basically, the atmosphere in a strip club isn’t as classy as the atmosphere in a gentleman’s club.


The strippers who work in a gentleman’s club are usually hotter than those who work at a strip club. This could be because gentleman’s clubs are more picky about who they hire to uphold their reputation. Nicer clubs who have prettier girls usually draw in the richer customers. In a gentleman’s club you’ll find erotic dancers who wear sexy and expensive evening gowns, have their hair done nice, and have had manicures and pedicures. These women spend a lot of time on themselves to make sure they look amazing so customers will want to come back and see them again.

At a lower-class strip club, the girls are not always as clean and beautiful. Their outfits consist of cheap lingerie and they may not bother to get manicures and pedicures. In most cases, customers don’t care if they never see the strippers in this type of strip club again because they aren’t as hot as the girls dancing in gentleman’s clubs.

Food and Drinks

Food and drink is a big difference between each type of club. If you visit a strip club, you may not be able to order food at all. If you can, it’s usually pizza, fries, and chicken wings. But, gentleman’s clubs usually have a top-notch restaurant serving gourmet meals. For example, RI Dolls has won awards for their food, with a menu that includes dishes like shrimp cocktail and filet mignon.


As I previously stated, a posh club will attract richer customers. You have a lower chance of having your lap dance interrupted by a drunken idiot at a gentleman’s club than a strip club. Customers will also be dressed nicer at a gentleman’s club, to continue on with the classy atmosphere of the club. In fact, some gentleman’s clubs even have a dress code that doesn’t allow sneakers, jeans, or other casual clothing. You’ll find more people dressed down in jeans or even dirty work clothes at an average strip club.

More differences:

  • Gentleman’s clubs usually have free valet parking; strip clubs don’t.
  • The drinks can be more expensive in a gentleman’s club, but that’s because they use top-shelf liquor.
  • The bouncer at the door of a gentleman’s club is nicely dressed – he may even be wearing a suit. The bouncer at a strip club is more likely to have have on a pair of ripped jeans and a tank top.

As you can see, there are some major differences in a strip club and a gentleman’s club, but it all boils down to class. A gentleman’s club is geared toward richer people who expect a certain level of class and sophistication. A strip club doesn’t discriminate against anyone and will let just about any customer through the doors. If you want to have the best experience when you’re in the mood for adult entertainment, then you want to go to a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.