The Perfect Day: Golf & Girls With RI Dolls

I’m one of those guys who loves golf. I also enjoy watching hot girls dancing naked. So, when I heard about RI Dolls’ golf tournament, I knew I wanted to do it. I called up a couple of my friends and we decided to make a weekend of it. Since the tournament is on a Monday, August 3rd to be exact, we booked hotel rooms for Sunday and Monday night. I knew after a long day of golf and an exiting night at the strip club, the last thing I’d want to do is drive home. This is going to be awesome!

A couple days before my guy’s outing, my anticipation grew strong. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Work has been very hectic; the kids are driving me crazy; so my little trip is coming at the perfect time. Boy do I need to unwind and let loose, and a round of golf and some sexy Dolls are the perfect way to do it.

My boys and I would meet at the hotel room on Sunday, in time to grab a bite to eat at a local restaurant. We would then head over to RI Dolls gentleman’s club for some adult entertainment. We’ll get a few lap dances, talk about the tournament that we’ll attend the next day, and have a few beers. Then we’ll head back to the hotel room so we get plenty of rest.

The next morning, we have to check in at the Country View Golf Club by 8:15 am, so we’ll be up early. I know the tournament will be a good time. My buddies and I will make up our own team. I’m especially looking forward to a great lunch on the green. I can already taste how good a cold, frothy beer will be after a few hours of golf. Seeing some of the pretty girls on the fairway just makes me more excited for the strip club after party.

Of course, I’m going to win one of the fabulous prizes because it’s my fantasy after all! I have no idea what the prize is, but I know it will be good. RI Dolls never disappoints me!

After the golf tournament, we will drive back to RI Dolls to enjoy the after party. Not only will I once again fill my stomach with delicious food and cold drinks, I’ll be surrounded by beautiful, scantily-clad women. I’ve saved a wad of singles just for this night. I’m going to sit right at the stage so I can see every Doll’s performance. Not only will I be tipping each dancer for her show, I’ll use this time to decide which strippers I want to get a lap dance with. I’m not picky, but I know what I like. Luckily, RI Dolls is always filled with the most beautiful girls and there aren’t any that I wouldn’t enjoy seeing more of.

After watching several dance performances by various RI Dolls exotic dancers, I decide to step back and sit at a table. My buddies and I talk some more about the tournament. We also comment on the girls that seem to be everywhere. We are all choosing the girl we want to get a lap dance from. Of course, Brian and I are arguing about getting the same stripper because we have the same taste in girls. But I win the argument when the Doll we are talking about comes over and sits on my lap. Her name is Ariana.

Ariana asks us if we went to the golf tournament, and we told her a little bit about our day on the golf course. Then, she stands up, walks behind me, and starts to rub my shoulders. She asks me if I’m tired, but I reassure her that I’m not too tired for a lap dance. She laughs, then leads me to one of the more private areas of the club. She told me that I deserve some privacy, and since it’s a little more quiet over here, she can concentrate on giving me a good dance.

My private lap dance was amazing, as usual. That’s one of the reasons why RI Dolls is my favorite club. Now, if I can only guarantee that this is what will happen in real life. Who am I kidding, when the golf tournament comes around, it’s going to be even better than this. After all, golf and girls make for the perfect day!