The Three Stages of Stripper Life at RI Dolls

If you’re new to stripping at Rhode Island Dolls, you might hear talk of the three stages of stripper life. Have you been wondering what these three stages are and what they mean for you?

Well, here’s everything you need to know.

STAGE 1: Newbie

If you just started dancing at a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls, this is you. You’re fresh and you might have a lot of questions. Chances are, you are eager to learn and even more eager to make that money.

This can be an advantage because a lot of customers that come to Rhode Island Dolls are looking for the new strippers. They like that they aren’t “jaded” and they love that these girls are willing to work extra hard for their money. Not that other strippers don’t but the new girls often have to work a bit more to figure things out. They don’t have any regular customers yet so they need to find some.

Another thing that customers like about the newbies is that they seem to be more like “regular” girls. What does that even mean. To be honest, only the people who are looking for “normal” really know what that means. But new strippers are more likely to have that quality. And some customers will be all over it. Enjoy it while it lasts.

STAGE 2: Stuck in the middle

Between stage 1 and stage 3, most dancers hit this stage where they just don’t know where they are going or why they are doing the job anymore. They might feel burnt out or they might find that they aren’t making as much money as they had hoped. Maybe they are in the wrong venue. Or maybe they just don’t have the energy for the job.

It’s not much different than any other job. If you’re not focused and you don’t keep your mind on the end goals, you can become disillusioned and jaded. It happens to most people at some point, no matter what their job is.

The key to keeping this period of time as short as possible is knowing why you are dancing. Is it meant to be a short term thing? Or is it a long term plan?

You can get refocused and get your head back in the game in a couple ways.

  • If it is this is your short term plan, try to keep your mind focused on why you are there and how long you need to do it to keep your goals. Write your goals down somewhere and track how close you are getting to them.
  • Have fun. When you are at work, have fun with the other dancers and staff at the club. Have fun with your customers.
  • Move on to stage 3 as soon as you possibly can.

STAGE 3: Career dancer

You know you are a career dancer when you’ve perfected your look and you have a solid persona. You slip into it easily and you’re comfortable when you’re at the club. You workout on a regular basis so you stay in shape – it’s part of your job.

You have a life outside the club, too. You have friends that aren’t strippers and you have hobbies. You make sure that you spend time doing things you love. You have likely invested your money wisely. Perhaps you’ve bought a home and you are focused on paying it off. You own your own car and it’s not in the shop on the daily.

Investments are important because you know that you are not going to work as a dancer until you are 60. You’ve planned for your future but you enjoy the now.

In any stage, you need to understand what your goals and future looks like and you need to understand why you are doing what you are doing. If it is a short term plan, that’s ok. But know what will indicate that your time as a dancer is coming to an end and watch for those signs. If you’re a career dancer, that’s great, too. But remember that the career life span of a dancer is not the same as that of an accountant. You need to make sure that you are taken care of when you decide to stop dancing.

It’s all good – any stage is perfectly acceptable. You just want to keep the second stage as short as possible. It’s the stage that can make dancing a less enjoyable job for you.