These 10 Celebs were Erotic Dancers Before They were Famous

Before they become famous, most celebrities have to do something else to pay the bills. It could be serving at a restaurant like Sandra Bullock or working at the GAP, like Kanye West. Even Madonna had a job at Dunkin Donuts before everyone knew her face and her music.

Some celebs paid the bills by taking off their clothing. It’s a totally viable way of making a living so if you’re stripping to help you meet your long-term goals, don’t feel bad. You’re in good company!

  1. Mark Consuelos

You might know him best from his role on Riverdale but somewhere out there are some women who remember him for his sexy moves while he took off his clothing. Before he started landing roles in television and movies, he was working as a roadie and the guys he worked with convinced him to try stripping.

  1. Javier Bardem

If you’re having a hard time figuring out who this is, just try to remember the sexy older man that the main character falls in love with at the end of Eat, Pray, Love. Your wife or girlfriend will know! He didn’t actually have a career but he did a little strip tease as a joke. Then someone hired him to perform. His wife and sister were in the audience, too. Apparently, he wasn’t very good and that was the end of his exotic dancing career.

  1. Brad PItt

While this cutie attended the University of Missouri, he was in the group Dancing Bares. This all male nude-y group would celebrate a sister sorority girl’s 21st birthday by taking their clothes off, putting pillow cases on their heads, and then they would carry the girl out on a chair. Once outside, they would put the chair down and do a choreographed dance for her and everyone else who came to watch the show.

  1. Lady Gaga

This probably doesn’t surprise most of you reading this, but Lady Gaga admitted to working as as a stripper when she was 18. She recalled that her outfits were wild and were often made of black leather. Her favorite bands that she liked to dance to included Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, and Faith No More. She also said she used to light hairspray on fire on stage, and that dancing gave her personal freedom through sexuality and the beautiful naked human body.

  1. Diablo Cody

You may not recognize her name, but this pretty lady is behind the blockbuster hits “Juno” and “Jennifer’s Body.” After working as a secretary and hating every minute of it, she decided to do something reckless and entered into an amateur stripping competition. She loved it! Thus began her one-year career as a stripper. She wrote a book about her time as an exotic dancer in the book “Candy Girl: A Year In The Life Of An Unlikely Stripper.” She enjoyed her experience so much that she still uses her stripper-name today! Diablo Cody isn’t her given name.

  1. Eve

Before this beauty was making tunes as a chart-topping R& B singer, she worked as an exotic dancer. Her stint lasted a month, but she said she doesn’t regret it. Stripping helped her find herself and get serious about life. She also wrote a song about it, called “Heaven Only Knows.”

  1. Channing Tatum

There is a reason why the Magic Mike move was so good- it was written by Channing and based on his real life experiences as a male stripper. Channing used the stage name Chan Crawford when he was in Male Encounter, which was an all-male revue group in Florida.

  1. NeNe Leaks

Today she’s one of your favorite “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but she used to be known as Silk. She worked in various strip clubs in the Atlanta area. During an interview, NeNe fondly recalled the time when she came home with $1,000 cash in her hand after one night of stripping. She became addicted to the lifestyle for a while, but then gave it up to pursue other things.

  1. Chris Pratt

The sexy “Parks And Recreation” star used to make extra cash working as an amateur stripper. He often danced at local bachelorette parties. Chris said that he’s always loved to get naked, ever since he was a little kid, so he thought that he might as well get paid for it.

  1. Carmen Electra

Before Carmen’s big break on “Baywatch”, she used to make it rain singles at strip clubs. Being the type of person to not hide from her past, after she hit it big she released her very own brand of portable stripper pole.