These Tips Can Help RI Dolls Dancers Make More Money

If you want to maximize your earnings as a stripper at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you have to put some thought into it. Yes, the quality of your dancing matters. But there’s so much more to it and experienced dancers know this! It’s the little things that will help you make even more money than you can possibly imagine.

Let’s be real – there are some dancers who seem to consistently make great money. What is that they do?

Here are some of the ways top dancers maximize their efforts and bring in the cash every night.

Confidence Is Everything

The best dancers know two things:

  1. Money matters
  2. They are the best!

Even though they are there to make money, they also know they will. They already have! Why? Because they know that they are amazing at what they do and they deserve it. They walk into each shift like they have already made hundreds of dollars.

With an attitude like that, they can’t go wrong.

The thing is, when a woman things she’s awesome, other people do, too. She doesn’t have to walk around with a diva attitude or talking other people down because that’s something that insecure women do. The truly confident dancers just know their worth.

They look good and feel good and it makes other people feel good – both customers and other dancers. So, people naturally gravitate to them.

Do Things To Make Yourself Feel Good

Although money is important, you have to do things just because it makes you feel good. That can mean different things for different dancers. Maybe having a massage makes you feel sexy and sensual and when you have a massage before a night of dancing, your feelings show in your movement. Or perhaps spending time with your best friend makes you feel your best. If that’s the case, make time for the two of you to do things together.

Look Your Best

This has probably been said before but looking your best will bring in the tips and repeat customers bringing in more money for you and the club. Do your hair different each time you go out on stage. Make sure to put some makeup on and dress in something that is sexier than the last thing you wore when you were on stage last. Try to dress in different colors each time you go out on stage so you won’t look boring. Trying different hairstyles will make you stand out among those dancers who do their hair the same way every time they go out on the stage.

Hold Your Head Up

Every time you walk out on that stage, you will want to go out with your head held high. You don’t want to walk out there with your head down and pouting because this will turn the customers away. Make sure they know you are confident in yourself and they will tip you well for this. Make sure they know you want to dance for them and they will keep coming back for more.

Put On A Smile

Go out on that stage and put a smile on your face and leave it there the whole time you are dancing. Maybe it is a seductive smile. That is even better because this will bring the customers to you more often. If you go out on the stage frowning or pouting, this will put the customers off and make them look at the other dancers more. Smile as much as you can and make it look like you want to be doing what you are doing. Hopefully you do want to do what you are doing because there is nothing worse than hating the job you have.

Glitter And Glow

Body glitter will make your body shine and make you stand out to the customers. Remember, they have the money and money is what you need so throw on some of that pretty pink, blue, or purple body glitter to make your body shine like it should.

Ask For What You Want

Go to your favorite customer and offer them a lap dance. Tell them the first one is half off but full price for more after that. Make sure it is a good and long lap dance so they get their money’s worth. If you don’t have a favorite customer, pick someone who looks like he is a nice guy and is having a good time watching you dance. This might just make him your favorite who will keep coming back for more and more each time. This means more money in your pocket.