Thing Girls Need to Know When they Visit a Rhode Island Strip Club

Girls Night Out at Strip Club Rhode IslandTimes have changed and there are more and more girls that are visiting strip clubs like RI Dolls. Guys still make up the majority of the customers but lots of them are bringing their girl friends or their wives.  And sometimes, girls are coming on their own.  They might be coming to get a feel for the club to see if it is a place they would want to work for or they might be coming on girls’ night out, just looking for something different.

The thing is there are rules for girls when they are at strip clubs, too.  Just because they are the same gender as the dancers it does not mean that they can get away with more or that they have special privileges and if you are a girl that visits gentleman’s clubs there are a few things you should know.

First, for the girls that are there with their boyfriends or their husbands, you need to understand that the stripper has no interest in your partner.  She isn’t looking to hook up with him.  The only thing she’s interested in him as is a customer.  And she knows that the only way to make him a customer is for you to be ok with it.  Dancers are not really your competition at all because it takes two to compete and they have no interest in that.  Instead, think of them as your erotic encounter facilitator.  They will get your man all worked up and excited and then she’ll send him home with you so you get all the benefits. 

Also, please be there by choice.  There’s nothing that will ruin everyone else’s’ good vibes than a wife that doesn’t want to be there.  If you really have no desired to be at a strip club with your husband or you don’t find it at least somewhat enjoyable, speak up at home.  Tell him it is just not your thing and that he’s going to have to find another way to spice up your relationship (because that is usually what your guy thinks he’s doing).

The dance floor is for the dancers.  You are not a dancer so you shouldn’t be on it.  There will be times when a dancer might invite a female customer onto the dance floor and then it is ok but for the most part you should stay off.  No matter how much you’ve had to drink, it hasn’t turned you into a professional dancer and the chances are that you’ll end up looking silly.  Ultimately though, you end up stealing attention from the real dancer.  Remember that this is her job and her living, so she’s not going to take it well if someone is putting her income at risk.

Remember that just because you’re part of a couple doesn’t mean you get to tip like one person.  There are two of you – tip like two people.  And being the same gender as the dancer doesn’t excuse you from tipping.  Whether you are at the front of the room, in one of the side areas, or even the back, if you’re watching her it is good manners to tip the minimum of $1 per song anyway.

Being female doesn’t give you the right to break the no touching rules.  The same rules that they guys have apply to you, too.  Although you might think that touching her might help her get more tips, this is still her call and if touch without asking you might find yourself being evicted from the club, just like one of the guys.  Keep your hands to yourself unless she invites you to do otherwise.

Finally, the most important point and possibly one of the biggest misunderstandings between dancers and female customers – dancers are not possible partners for testing your bi-curiosity or finding a third for your threesome.  You can’t treat them like they are loose women or like they are a special kind of woman because of her job.  She’s a dancer.  That’s her occupation.  She’s not a prostitute.  Don’t treat her like one.

When it comes right down to it, the rules are not really different for female customers than they are for male customers.  Treat the dancers with respect.  Don’t make assumptions.  And show your appreciation – with your wallet.