Things You Don’t Hear About Going to Rhode Island Strip Clubs – But Need to Be Said

Rhode Island Strip Club TipsUsually when you read tips about going to strip clubs you get the standard stuff – clean up, be respectful, don’t touch, and so on.  But there are other things that should be said more often. When you read them you might think, “Does that really need to be said?” but they do. Because customers do these things sometimes.  And some of them are not very nice.

So here are the tips that you don’t often hear for people going to strip clubs:

1.  Clapping is a sign of appreciation so after each song it would be appropriate.  When you clap it lets the dancer know she’s on the right track and she’ll try to do more to put on a good show.  Clap to make her feel good and she’ll try to make you feel good by performing even better.

2.  Don’t put your money on the edge of the stage to get the attention of the dancer and then pull it away at the last minute.  It’s even worse when you say, “Oh, that was just for my next drink.”  Dancers know that is not true.  And if it is true, put the money somewhere else or keep it in your wallet until the waitress comes with your drink.  Your wallet is not that far away that you can’t reach into your pocket and get it when the waitress gets there.

3. It is common sense that when you are at a public venue you shouldn’t take videos or photos with you cell phone and that rule applies double to strip clubs.  Keep your phone in your pocket unless you really need to take a call.  Remember that these ladies have lives outside of their job so don’t take pictures. 

4.  Don’t beg and plead to your girlfriend or wife to come to the strip club with you.  If she says she doesn’t want to go, she doesn’t want to go.  If you nag at her until she finally says she’ll go but she doesn’t really want to she’ll ruin the night for everyone.  Do you think the dancers really want to take off their clothing in front of a jealous wife (that you’ve likely dragged to the front row) that is throwing daggers at her with her eyes?

5.  Don’t steal that pretty bra that fell off the side of the stage during a dancer’s set. Those things are expensive and they don’t buy them to give away.  They aren’t making that much money!  Be kind and pick them up and put them on the edge of the stage so she can retrieve them later.

6.  When you are ready to go home, plan your exit time for after her set.  When a manager sees a customer getting up and leaving in the middle of a dancer’s show they might think that it is because of the dancer and that doesn’t bode well for her.   Instead, wait until her set is done, leave her a tip, and then make your way out the door.