Things You Might Not Know About Dancing For Money

It’s true that being a stripper is not what it used to be. Strip joints today aren’t always the same kind of places your father and grandfather might have gone to. The industry has changed a lot. And back in the day, people had money to spend!

There was no Internet, no sex ads in the back of popular men’s magazines, and no massage parlors that offered “extra” services, so going to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls was their only way to get some sexy fun.

One of the reasons that strip clubs have changed is that there are a lot of misconceptions about stripping for pay, especially if you can find a place like Rhode Island Dolls to work at.  There is still the potential to make a lot of money but in order to do that dancers need to understand the truths behind dancing for pay. They need to recognize trends in the industry and understand who the clientele are what they are looking for.  A successful dancer avoids excuses and gets down to the business of making money. After all, it is a business, not a hobby.

So what are the common misconceptions about dancing for money?

Some people think there’s not any money to be made because of recessions

Ok, yes, there has been a recession but you should forget about that because no matter how deep recessions have gotten over the past hundreds of years there has always been money to be spent and people to spend it.  In fact, when recessions are the worst, that is usually when the most money is spent in the entertainment industry.  People work hard and they need to feel that at least some of their money is being spent on enjoyable things.

Strip clubs like RI Dolls in Woonsocket are the perfect place to spend money. When people want to feel good about themselves, relieve some stress, and just forget about the rest of their lives, where do they go?  They go to some sort of entertainment that makes them feel young and sexy.  They want to be with beautiful women that are sensual and young; dancers like you can provide that.  Target in on that need and it doesn’t matter if there is a recession or not – they will spend money on you if you make them feel young and sexy in return and if you stroke their egos.

People just aren’t spending money on luxuries

Did you skip part one?  Yes, they are!  And if they really aren’t then you need to think about your business some more. Why don’t businesses succeed?  Because they aren’t giving their customers what they need and what they want. 

What do men want when they go to a strip club? They want to feel special. They want to be admired.  They want someone to actually hear what they are saying.  Stop thinking that all you need to do is flash a smile and some skin to get a response.  Find out what your customers are there for and then give them what they want.  If they get what they want, you will get what you want – more money.

Some dancers give it all away so other dancers can’t make money

You might think that dancers are doing illegal activities to get that extra dollar that you aren’t getting but most of the time that isn’t true.  If you are sure that it is, you might want to move on to a more reputable gentleman’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls. But the fact is, the only extra that the successful dancers are giving is extra effort.

Do you listen when a customer talks and then remember what he said for when he comes back?  Do you pick up on body signals?  Do you make the effort to take care of your skin, your hair, your smile and those other little things that no one talks about?  Put in that big effort like your body was the central selling point of your business – because it is!

What it comes right down to is that no matter how well the economy is doing, you can succeed as a dancer in a strip club if you treat your customers like they are one in a million and like they are the only person you want to see that night.  Remember that a sexy woman who smothers a man with attention and time and treats him like the king will always be in demand.