Things You Should Know If You’re Thinking of Becoming a Dancer at RI Dolls

If you have a body that makes men (and maybe even women) stop and stare and moves like Jagger – it may be time for you to consider becoming an exotic dancer. Not just any exotic dancer, but an RI Doll.

The only question is – what does it take to become a stripper at a gentleman’s club. Is there anything you should know before you make this career decision? More importantly, how do you prepare for becoming an exotic dancer?

Ironically Enough, Clothing Is Important

Yes, the whole point of being a stripper is to take your clothing off. However, what you look like in the clothing before you take it off matters. The clothing and shoes an exotic dancer typically wears is expensive. Exotic dancers also tend to have a specific look they portray on stage. What kind of style you have as an RI Doll can have an impact on how much the men of the gentleman’s club adore you. Typically, you will fall into one of three categories when it comes to look and style: the young girl look, the edgy look, and the flowery lingerie look.

The Young Girl Look

Just as the name suggests, this style appears to men (and women) who like their ladies younger. You either need to be young or appear to be young and cute. Think pink and bubbly. What you don’t want to do is take on the role of a woman who is dressing too young for her age. Basically, if you are over the age of 30 – this might not be the best look for you.

Another big mistake you can make with the young girl style is too much. A cute pink dress with a pattern and matching hair clips is perfect. You might be drawn towards matching pink shoes, but you’d be better off with clear or neutral shoes. Neutral shoes go with any outfit and they don’t draw any attention to your feet. Rainbow colored accessories and lollipops should be avoided at all costs with this look.

The Edgy Look

The edgy look tends to appeal to both younger and older men. This is a look for a dancer who prefers hardcore rock music. This isn’t for someone who likes to pop and lock to dance music. A black romper and a few metal chain links with some gorgeous black heels can really sell this look. You can even go with black hair with colored streaks. Going crazy with the hair cut or overdoing the black eyeliner, however, isn’t going to help you. There is such a thing as too much black and too much makeup.

Flowery Lingerie Look

If you aren’t young and bubbly and you don’t consider yourself to be dark and edgy, lingerie is always a safe choice. Who doesn’t like the idea of a woman with a gorgeous bod dancing around in lingerie as she peels off layers of clothing? Lace and flowing fabric can be incredibly sexy on an exotic dancer.

Now that you have the look and style down – what’s next? Well, you need to stop and think about your family and friends. Namely, are you going to tell them you are an exotic dancer? Are people in your life going to question what you do for a living? Do you are how your family and friends feel or react to you being a stripper?

While you should definitely do what, you want when it comes to your career, it makes sense to think about the people around you. Just don’t forget that an exotic dancer is a classy form of entertainment at a gentleman’s club. If your family reacts badly to the news it is likely because they don’t understand. So, don’t sweat it too much!

Have Money Saved Beforehand

Being an exotic dancer at RI Dolls can be a very lucrative job. Like any job, however, how much you earn depends on how well you perform. You have to learn how to be a good exotic dancer to get the attention – and the money. If you have some money saved, you can spend time focusing on learning the skills you need to be great at stripping and dancing. If you don’t have money saved, you are going to spend time worrying about earning money when you should be focused on polishing up your stripping skills.

The exotic dancers at RI dolls are incredible performers – and loved by many. With this information in hand, you should be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not you are ready to be a dancer for Rhode Island Dolls.