Things You Should Remember When Going to any Gentleman’s Club

Gentlemen's Club VisitAre there things you should bring to a gentleman’s club? Are there things you should do beforehand? Most guys wouldn’t think that there were but if you want to really have a good time and if you want to have the attention of the dancers then yes, there are things you should do to prepare.

First, if you have been working out or doing manual work all day long and worked up a sweat, go home and have a shower first. All girls like clean smelling men and that includes the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls. There is just something so very alluring about a man that smells like he just got out of the shower. It makes a girl feel special, like he took special efforts for her and that will make you more appealing. Yes, it takes extra time to get home and have that shower but if you treat the dancers like they matter as you would any other girl they will be more likely to want to be around you.

If you don’t have a shower, at least make sure you have clean hair. Hair is one of the things that girls like about guys the most. If your hair is clean looking and smelling, dancers (and other girls that might just be there for fun) will be more willing to come an sit with you to talk and flirt. And just so you know, hair that is clean and not filled with product is very tempting to girls. Don’t be surprised if someone wants to reach out and touch it!

Bring breath mints or gum. No one likes a guy with bad breath and if you want the dancers to get near enough to you to have a conversation or exchange any kind of dialogue you’ll want to make sure your breath is minty fresh. Just make sure that you have something minty and refreshing in your pocket and pop some in your mouth before you go.

Wear clean clothing. If you look like you’ve been sleeping in a ditch for the past week you are only going to scare the dancers. They won’t want to get near enough to you for you to get a really good view and if you’re sitting near the stage you can bet they will stay away from your corner. You don’t have to dress up like you’re going to a fancy event. Just put on some clean jeans and a shirt that hasn’t been laying on the floor and you’ll automatically be the kind of customer that the dancers at RI Dolls feels more comfortable around.

Do you wear glasses? Put them on if you do. Girls love smart guys. If you are wearing glasses you’ll be able to see more clearly but the girls will expect that you will be more likely to have an intelligent conversation with them! Conversation is good and dancers will be encouraged to talk to you if you look like you can hold your own.

Be in a good mood. There’s nothing worse than someone that is cranky and looks like their life is going to end any moment. What should you do to ensure that you’re in a good mood? That’s up to you. You might want to listen to some great music or watch something funny before you leave. Practice smiling in the mirror. Talk yourself into it. But look like you’re there for a good time otherwise no one will want to dance near you or talk with you.

And of course, bring cash. You’ll want to tip the dancers that you enjoy and would like to see you after they are done on the stage. You might want to buy them a drink. You might meet up with friends that you want to buy a drink. Cash is good at a gentleman’s club. You don’t have to be extravagant but used in the right situation it can ensure that you have a great time!