Tips for a Successful Christmas Party at RI Dolls Gentlemen’s Club

RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is having their annual Christmas party on December 24, 2015. Everyone should be there. Why? Here are some reasons to show up:

  • RI Dolls has private VIP areas that are available for your company party that you can book now.
  • There are gift cards available.
  • RI Dolls is open seven days per week.
  • You can make the dolls a part of your holiday season.
  • You can have access to a private room with one of the dolls.
  • Great food
  • Great drinks
  • All the dolls you can handle
  • Come to the party to see the sexy Santa helpers that are ready to view your naughty list.

Now, after checking that out and realizing you really need to go to the party, which is from noon to 6 pm, here are some tips for your own successful Christmas party at RI Dolls.

Do you want to have a Christmas party at RI Dolls? Everyone loves to party, especially during the holiday season. Here are some tips for having your own successful Christmas party.

Limit your drinking

Although drinking is a part of any fun party, you don’t want to overdo it. This is because drinking too much can lead to many problems including getting into fights with other people and ending up in jail, being rude because you are drunk, and waking up with a major hangover the next day. Having a hangover is not worth getting drunk at your Christmas party. If you overdo it on the alcohol, you might not even remember being at the party or talking to friends and family. Forgetting really sucks so set yourself a limit and stick to it.

Come prepared to have fun

Any party is going to be fun. You get to see your friends and family, and if you visit a strip club, you get to watch the pretty exotic dancers. Having fun is part of any type of party, especially a Christmas one. Just make sure you come prepared to have a lot of fun.

Decorate with Christmas in mind

Decorating for a party is part of the fun. You can add anything to do with Christmas. Put up a Christmas tree and put fake presents under it to make it look festive. Add some Christmas lights around your doorways. Make sure to also have some mistletoe available so you can grab a quick kiss from someone, maybe even a dancer.

Reserve your party

If you decide to have your Christmas party at the strip club, you will want to reserve the strip club to ensure that you will definitely get access to it before anyone else does.

Bring good food

You can either bring your own good food or you can order something from the strip club. They have some really good food there. If they don’t have a type of food that you want, bring it yourself. You can have a variety of different foods that will make everyone on the guest list happy to be there.

Don’t let anyone overdo it on the alcohol

Not only should you limit yourself to a certain amount of alcohol to make the party more fun, you shouldn’t let anyone else overdo it on the alcohol either. You can set an example and your friends and family will follow. Let everyone know that if they get drunk and out of hand, they will be asked to leave. You don’t want people getting stupidly drunk and ruining your Christmas party.

Invite everyone you know

You will want your Christmas party at the gentlemen’s club to be really fun. If you want it to be fun, it is more fun with people you know there. So, invite everyone you know, friends and family, and the party will be fun and successful.

Dress up

Not only should you dress up in your best clothes for the party but what about dressing up as something to do with Christmas? How about dressing up as an elf? Ask your friends and family to do the same thing and the party will be an absolute blast for all of you.

Invite a Santa Clause

No Christmas party is complete without having Santa there. Ask someone you know to dress up as Santa to make the party more festive for everyone.

These are just a few tips for you to have a successful Christmas party. You can think of more ways to make it a success and make your party as fun as it should be.