Tips for Dancers at RI Dolls – Little Things You Might Not Have Considered

Rhode Island Strip Club Dancer's SecretsWhen you become a stripper at a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls there is lots of common sense advice that you will hear over and over again. You will be told that you need to be nice if you want to get tips and you want people to pay for lap dances and private dances. You will be told that you need to invest in your costumes. You’ll be told to stay in shape.

These are things that make sense and they are pretty easy to comprehend. But what about the secrets? There’s got to be some secrets. You bet there are. And you are going to learn about them here!

#1 Get a pedicure! You’d be surprised about how many guys are into feet! Putting a little bit of time into having beautiful feet can really help attract a new audience and new fans. But what you aren’t going to be told is that you need to tell the person not to scrub off those hard earned calluses at the bottom of feet. If you’re careful about how you dance, no one will see them anyway (and you’re likely wearing shoes) and they will help you avoid blistering after a fresh pedicure.

#2 Shower at home and put your deodorant on as usual. But keep a towel in your bag to wipe off the deodorant before you go on the stage. Most clubs have black lights that will make that deodorant glow in the dark and that just looks freaky.

#3 Choose your music carefully. You’ll want to have a wide selection of music to choose from because even your favorite songs aren’t always going to suit your mood. Be careful not to choose songs that are too long because you don’t want to take up more time than you are supposed to be on the stage. Songs that start slow and build up to a faster pace work good because they build excitement, but don’t be afraid to choose a song that is completely slow and sensual throughout your routine. Variety is good.

#4 Skip socks, underwear and bras on work days. Yes, that sounds strange but have you ever seen a dancer once she’s taken everything off and she’s covered in sock marks on her ankles and underwear marks on her butt and bra marks on her back? That really kills the fantasy.

#5 Be fantasy ready when you walk in the club. Let’s face it – guys aren’t there to see ordinary girls – they are there for the fantasy. So unless there is a back door you can walk into where no one but staff will see you, get your make up on before your leave your house. It doesn’t have to be the whole stage face but at least some foundation, lipstick, and mascara. Look like you care what you look like. Leave the no makeup look for the wives and girlfriends.

#6 Be careful what you eat on work days. Not everyone is prone to gas and you certainly don’t have to care about that when you’re just having a lazy day at home but when you are getting up there on the stage, twisting and turning and bending, you absolutely do not want to let one slip. For one, the fantasy will be gone instantly. Secondly, anyone sitting in the first row will promptly back up and if they are backing up they aren’t going to get close enough to tip you are they?

#7 Take care of your oral hygiene. You gotta breathe when you are up there on the stage and you don’t want a new customer getting close to give you a tip and catch a whiff of the salmon you had for lunch or the cigarette you had before your shift. Keep a toothbrush, dental floss, and a tongue scraper with you at all times and use them!

These tips are sure to take you past the typical advice that you get when you first start dancing on the stage at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls. Have you gotten any other tips that you thought were really helpful? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us!

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