Tips for Enjoying RI Dolls Strip Club as a Couple

Rhode Island Strip Club - Going as a CoupleGoing to Rhode Island Dolls strip club as a couple can be a great way to have fun on date night and it mixes things up from the typical dinner and a movie night. You have to be careful if you are taking your wife or girlfriend to a gentleman’s club on a date night though. Of course, she needs to be in agreement but once you’ve gotten her to agree with it there are other things you should keep in mind if you want the night to be a success and you want her to agree to go again.

Start Slow

Don’t take your wife or girlfriend to a strip club on the busiest night of the week and the busiest hour. Start her slow with a week night. Consider bringing her during the dinner hour. Enjoy a nice meal at a table that isn’t right up at the stage. You can have a conversation at a strip club you know. You might have to work a bit harder to concentrate on what your wife or girlfriend is saying but it can be done. Rhode Island Dolls has a variety of settings for your night with your wife or girlfriend at the strip club and there is amazing food, too.

Talk It Out

Even if your wife or girlfriend has agreed to go to a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls with you, she might still have reservations. It is very important that you hear her concerns. Not just listen to her but you have to hear her. She should be able to talk freely to you about how she feels whether she is concerned that the dancers will have more attention from you than her or if she is kind of embarrassed about being in a room of dancing naked women. If this is the case, you might be better off taking a bit more time to let her adjust to the idea.

If she is ok with it though, go ahead.

Give Her Space

Remember that she is not one of the guys and she doesn’t want to hear comments about how hot a dancer is from you. Give her the space she needs and let her guide the night. If she talks about one of the dancers that is fine but that doesn’t mean that you can. If she directly asks you, it is ok to respond but start slow and give her more details only as she asks for them.

Know the Boundaries

Before you go to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club with your girlfriend or wife, make sure you talk about boundaries. She’s obviously not going to be ready for a lap dance on her first night unless she is a very open minded girl and is used to doing things that are different. On the first night you take her to a strip club she might only want to sit at a table and watch from a distance. If that is her boundaries you need to be ok with that.

If she is ready for more, like a private dance or a lap dance, you need to talk about what is ok and what is not. Is she willing to see you get a private dance? Does she want one? Is any physical contact ok or is she ok with some but not others? Or maybe she isn’t comfortable with any physical contact at all. Discuss this with her before you go to the strip club and be clear on what is allowed and what is not. And once you know, make sure you find a dancer that is willing to take the time to talk to you beforehand and let her know what the boundaries are, too. Most dancers will ask before the lap dance or private dance begins but if she doesn’t be ready to let her know.

Most of all, it is important to make sure that the night you and your wife or girlfriend go to Rhode Island Dolls is a good one. Make sure you respect her feelings and her wishes and show her that her experience is the most important thing to you. If you do, you can be sure that she will likely want to go again and that you will have loads of fun together.