Tips for Large Groups Visiting Rhode Island Dolls

There is no doubt that attending a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls can be a lot of fun when you are part of a large group. You might be there for a holiday party, a bachelor party, or another event but you are going to have a good time. But there are a couple of tips that can ensure that you have even more fun and that the dancers will look forward to entertaining your group again in the future.

Start by making sure that everyone understands that the dancers at gentleman’s clubs work very hard for their money and that the best way to show appreciation is with money. The girls work for tips and if they pay special attention to someone they deserve to be tipped. Private dances are fun and worth the extra money so remind the people in your group that if they do want extra attention from the dancers, a private dance is a good way to get it.

That being said, remember that money does not give anyone the right to do what they like. There are rules at each club about what is and is not allowed so it might be a good idea to find out what those rules are before you go. You can send everyone in the group an email outlining the rules and ask them all to please respect the rules so that you will all be able to come back in the future, either as part of a group or own your own.

If your group is more than 5 people, be sure not to overwhelm any individual dancer. The girls are not used to entertaining big groups and if you all clamor around her at once she might feel intimidated. Make sure that she feels safe and do not try to get her attention all at once. There are lots of girls at the club so spread the love around. Be friendly to all of the girls, not just a select few.

Entertaining large groups is hard for the rest of the staff, too. Bouncers and bartenders have to work extra hard when there are large groups in a gentleman’s clue like Rhode Island Dolls. Bouncers have to make sure that order is kept so they need to be especially aware of what is going on. The bouncer will like come over a couple times during the evening and chat up the group. He’s looking for signs of disorderly people. Chat when he initiates it but don’t keep him occupied with a deep conversation about the political state of the country.

Bartenders will be working especially hard. Try not to send everyone up to the bar at once to get drinks. Either order from the waitress or send a couple people at a time. And if you do make a big order at one time, make sure you give the bartender time to get it all together. Above all, show your appreciation – tip well and tip often – and you’ll be sure to get the best service possible.

Finally, treat everyone with respect. If anyone in the group is rude or treats staff badly, the entire group will judged on that one person’s behavior. Make sure that no one harasses the girls, touches inappropriately, or speaks rudely. If members of the group are drinking and someone has had too much to drink and starts getting out of control it might be time to end the night. If everyone knows this, they will be more likely to keep drinking to a reasonable level and remember to keep themselves in check.

You can have a great time in a large setting at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls if you prepare everyone ahead of time and make sure that they understand what is expected of them. If you want to come back as a group it is important that the dancers and the staff are left with a good impression when you leave. If your group is hard to handle, aggressive, or rude, they might not be allowed to come back. At the very least, the bouncers will be on high alert and will react at the first sign of trouble. Plan ahead and a group outing can be an excellent night.