Tips For Rhode Island Dolls Dancers To Bring On The Heat

The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to bring on the heat by freshening up your look at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. Our dancers love to keep things fresh and if you do, too, then you’ll love these stupendous spring wardrobe ideas. The most awesome thing is that you can bring out the spring and summer heat without spending a ton of money!

Start Simple With Shoes and Jewelry

Too many accessories will only get in the way while you’re performing at Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club. But it’s nice to add a little something sparkly to bring your outfit together and look polished. You may not want to add a stylish chunky stone necklace in a floral pattern, but you could wear floral-inspired earrings with a gown you’ve had for a while. Just a simple earring update, especially when the earrings are large, can change the entire look of your costume.

Fun costume jewelry is the way to go if you don’t to break your budget. Pretty rings, baubles, and colorful jewelry can be found at some pretty low prices at dollar stores, drug stores, and novelty shops. It’s the kind of jewelry that you can wear for a season and then toss out if it breaks or if you just don’t like it anymore.

Now how about those shoes? Thing spring and summer colors and put away the blacks and browns. Wintertime is notorious for dark shoes and clothes to match the chilly New England weather. But when spring rolls around, it’s time to kick off those black shoes for something more light and airy. Buy some light pink, baby blue, and soft tan shoes that you can wear with just about everything you own. Go for totally enclosed skinny heels, or find some fun and flirty sandals with a floral motif. If you like to wear boots, pack away the dark black ones and dance the night away in a pair of light brown or white boots. These sexy shoes and boots will take you from spring right into summer. Remember, your shoes shouldn’t match your costume exactly, they should “go” with your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a pink outfit, flesh-colored sandals would look amazing for spring.

Hot Skirts and Scarfs

Skirts are always fun and flirt and they can really heat up a room. Last seasons skirts will do the trick but try something new with them. Always wear a crop top with your short mini-skirt? Try an over-sized mens white shirt with a tie. Add some jewelry like a sexy chain that stays on after the skirt comes off. Use a scarf to add some color. Or heck, use the scarf as a skirt! Accessorize to give your summer skirts and scarfs a fresh new look.

Perfectly Pastel

Pastels will never go out of style and they are especially well suited to summer. Think ice cream colors – mint, bubble gum blue, pink strawberry. There are countless shades of these soft hues that will highlight your natural skin tone and make you look bright and fresh. Another trend that looks like it’s going to be here for a while is ombre shading. Ombre styles are not only fashionable, but they are also slimming.

Enhance Your Current Costume Wardrobe

If you’re really tight for cash but you want something new to wear to RI Dolls this spring, consider making a few alterations to the costumes you already own. You can do something as simple as cutting off the sleeves and adding some bling to a light-colored gown, or doing something more intensive like adding lace, tiers, and ruffles to a mini skirt. Sometimes, doing something as easy as topping an outfit with a light white jacket will work wonders to change the entire look of the costume.

If you have a few outfits that you’d like to wear again this spring, but the colors are looking dull, just brighten them up with bleach. Any kind of bleach will get rid of any yellowing on your white costumes. Or, buy some fabric dye and completely change the color of your costume.

These are just a few ideas to incorporate spring into your costume wardrobe without spending a fortune. Of course, you want to make sure you always look your best since you represent RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. And the better you look, the more money you’ll make.