Tips for Straight Chicks Going to Rhode Island Dolls for the First Time

tips-for-straight-chicksDid your boyfriend invite you to go to a strip club and you’ve never been to one? Or maybe you’ve been invited to go with a mixed group of people? If this is you, you might feel a little intimidated. After all, there are going to be semi-naked girls dancing in front of you. Should you dress up? Dance? What exactly is expected of you?

Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through it! Men have been going to strip clubs for ages – they know what is expected of them. And soon, you will, too.

First, Understand Why the Dancers are There

You need to understand that dancers aren’t there to steal your man. They are not there looking for a date. They aren’t even looking for friends. Strippers are at the club to make money. That’s it. Nothing more. This is how they earn their living and they are just doing their job. So, if you’re easily threatened by other women and get jealous easily, the strip club is not likely the best place to hang out with your man or a date.

Don’t Even Think of Touching Their Money

This is seriously bad protocol. If you see your man drop a bill for the dancer, don’t even think of picking it up. It’s for her. Even if you think she’s forgotten it, she hasn’t. Security might be coming around to collect it for her. But it is her money! That’s like someone taking a tip off of a waitresses table.

Accept a Dance

Did the guy you are with or a guy in your group order you a dance? Then accept it with a smile. Don’t worry – the dancer is getting nothing out of dancing for you. It’s not turning her on. She’s not trying to turn you into a lesbian. She’s not coming on to you. If you decline – even in the nicest possible way – she’ll be insulted and she’ll be upset that you’re messing with her income. Even if you’re not appreciative of the naked female form, you’d better put a smile on your face and say thanks.

If a Guy Gives you Money It Is For the Dancers

Did a guy just give you a handful of bills. Don’t even think of pocketing it. He’s giving you money to throw to the dancers. Show the dancers that you appreciate their hard work. You don’t have to put the money in a g-string or anything like that. Just set it at the edge of the stage or hold it out to her.

Wipe that Look Off Your Face

Don’t sit there looking like you’re having the worst time of your life. Put a smile on your face. Others are having a good time and they didn’t invite you to ruin their night by looking like Little Miss Prim and Proper. Look around, smile, laugh with others – have a good time.

Don’t Steal Their Thunder

If you came to the strip club because you wanted attention you’re in the wrong place. The strippers are the show – not you. Don’t dress like a stripper. Don’t dance like a stripper. Don’t pick fights with the stripper. This night is not your night. Let the dancers run the show and don’t try to upstage them. They won’t appreciate it and you’ll just look like a drama seeker.

Don’t Get Jealous

Yes, this has been said already but it bears repeating. If you’re with a guy or a group of guys, you were invited because they thought you were cool enough to handle this. Don’t prove them wrong. The dancers are doing their job so don’t get all bijiggity and act like they are doing something they shouldn’t. If you don’t like your man talking to strippers – well, you’re either with the wrong man or you need to sit down and have a very long conversation with him (hint: it’s not going to go well; guys love strippers).

If you’re going to a stripper club, like Rhode Island Dolls, for the first time, just relax and have fun. No one will hit on you (and if they do, it’s not going to be a stripper). It’s really not much different than any other club except for the girls that are dancing for your man are professionals and have no designs on him at all. In fact, it’s likely a lot safer than taking your man to a regular dance club. He knows the dancers are off limits. They know he’s off limits. But it might get his mind revved up and get him prepped for a really fun night when you get home.