Tips To Make Your Party At Rhode Island Dolls A Success

Sometimes when you host a party in your home the trouble is just more than it is worth. There is all the food preparations, serving the food, the entertainment, and then of course, there is the cleaning up. And if it is a good party, the cleaning up can take a whole day in itself. So, you might end up spending weeks in the planning stage and an entire day in the kitchen before the party and then you need a whole day to clean up afterward. Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? It is!

But there are other options. You can host a party somewhere else and avoid all of that. Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is a great place to have a party with friends. You might be celebrating something like an anniversary or a holiday or you might just need a good reason to get all of your friends in one room.

When you have a party at Rhode Island Dolls, you don’t to worry about much. Send out invitations and wait for people to show up and all the other stuff will be taken care of for you.  But if you want your party to be a success, there are a few tips you should follow.

First, plan ahead. Know the date and call RI Dolls well before the event and let them know what you are planning. If you have a lot of people, you might want to get started on a less busy time. Don’t show up on Friday night with a hundred people and expect that they will be able to handle your crowd with ease. Call and book a date and a time. If you have any special needs (like dietary concerns or someone in a wheelchair) let them know in advance so that they can be prepared. But keep in mind that it is a strip club, so don’t expect them to request that there be no skin showing. This isn’t a place to host a party where there will be children!

Let your guests know in advance that there are rules at gentlemen’s clubs like RI Dolls. Get a list of the rules in advance – when you book the party – and make sure that everyone who is coming understands them. This is especially important for guests that have never been to a strip club before. Yes, there are people who have never been to a strip club! They may not understand what is expected of them and having the rules before the party can make things run smoother.

Remind your guests that the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls are there to make a living. They are performing a service. While the dancing on the stage is “free” it is expected that people who are sitting up close to the stage should tip the dancers. Also, remind them that the extra services offered – lap dances and private dances – cost money and that they are expected to tip for those, too. If you treat the dancers well, they will be happy to see you again in the future! Tipping should also be applied to waitresses and bar staff.

It is important that your guests at the party understand that they need to be respectful to the staff – dancers, bartenders, waitresses, and bouncers. If they treat them badly, you might not be so welcome next time you come. Also, if they are especially rude, they may even be asked to leave and then they would miss out on all the fun.

Remind your guests that there are bouncers at Rhode Island Dolls and part of their job is to make sure that there are no problems. Large parties usually draw more of their attention. So, if the bouncer happens to hang out near your party and be especially watchful, don’t be insulted. They are just doing their job. If a bouncer asks you or one of the members of your party to move out of an area or to stop doing something, listen to him!

If food is part of your party plan, you might want to put in a group order ahead of time. For smaller groups, it’s fine to order everyone’s meals off the menu. But if there is a large party, you might want to narrow it down to one or two menu items so that it is easier for the waitresses to manage. You could even order plates of food that everyone can help themselves to. Pizza, chicken fingers, fries, and items like this are especially good for people to help themselves.

Parties are all about having fun and having a party at Rhode Island Dolls is no different. But a little bit of pre-planning and discussion with the staff can make your party even better!