To Swing Or Not To Swing – The RI Dolls Test

Swingers - RI DollsThis past year, my wife and I have been talking about opening our marriage and becoming swingers. But I’m reluctant to jump right into the swinging lifestyle. We’ve never done anything like that before and I know jealousy can rise up quickly and expectedly. I’ve decided that a trip to Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s premier gentlemen’s club, Rhode Island Dolls, could be the first step we need. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s a great move. I know there is no sex involved when you visit a strip club, but there are beautiful naked ladies there and my wife and I can watch each other get a lap dance to see if any feelings of jealousy arise.

I’ve gone through it over and over in my mind, mostly because I get really turned on just thinking about my wife and I going to RI Dolls together, but also so I can be prepared and ready for any kind of reaction my wife or I might have. I envision us getting all dressed up for the occasion. We get to the strip club early so we can get a good seat. I also think it will help my wife ease into the atmosphere if there isn’t a crowded room full of horny guys. I order a bottle of champagne for us to share. I know things will start slowly, first we’ll just watch the exotic dancers from afar as we sip our champagne. But I don’t think my wife or I will be able to stay away for long.

I’ll hand my wife a few bills to slip under the garter of any dancer she likes. I picture her walking up to the stripper pole where a sexy Doll is hanging naked upside-down. The dancer slides down the pole and slinks over to my wife. Then she touches herself and licks her fingers. She spreads her legs to show my wife her kitty, then she takes the bill from my wife’s hands and tells her to put it in her mouth. After that, the stripper uses her breasts to grab the dollar from my wife’s mouth. The guys around the table start hooting and hollering, my wife is smiling from ear to ear, and I’m doing all I can to prevent a boner.

She really enjoyed that, so my next plan is to get her a lap dance. Across the room I spot a blonde in a sexy schoolgirl costume. Her skirt is so short you can see her white panties every time she moves. I raise my glass of champagne to her, smile, and then wink. She comes over and sits down and we pour her a glass of bubbly. After a little chit chat, I mention that my wife would like a lap dance. The stripper mentions she loves to dance for women, and she’d be happy to show my wife a good time.

We all get up and the Rhode Island Doll takes my wife to a secluded corner of the club. I sit close enough to watch, but not too close so that I ruin the experience. The schoolgirl dancer gets naked quickly and the show begins. She sits on my wife’s legs and grinds on her. Then she turns around and lays her head on my wife’s shoulder, arching her back so her breasts are right near my wife’s face, while she continues to grind her sweet ass on my wife’s crotch. Next, she turns around again and strattles my wife. Then the erotic dancer takes my wife’s hands and rests them on the side of her breasts. She slowly and gently directs my wife’s hands down the side of her breasts and down the curve of her waist and hips, landing on her firm butt. With her own hands still over my wife’s hands, she squeezes to let my wife know it’s okay to squeeze her ass.

Next, it’s my turn. I decided to get a lap dance with the school girl too. She was amazing. Her hot body rubbing against mine was so erotic my pants almost burst. And knowing my wife was watching made it even more erotic.

Having this fantasy makes it clear that going to Rhode Island Dolls is the perfect way to test our relationship and take the first step to see if the swinging lifestyle is right for us. I have a feeling we’ll have a great night at RI Dolls, and neither one of us will get jealous. Since we’re going this Saturday night, only time will tell. Until then, I’ll keep fantasizing about it.