Treat Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls like Goddesses and Have a Better Experience

Rhode Island Dancer Stripper GoddessWhy do men go to strip clubs like RI Dolls?  One of the reasons is because they want to be around women that are confident and proud of their femininity.  They want to be around women that are ashamed of their bodies.

If you want to have a better experience at a gentleman’s club it is important to act like you appreciate the dancers.  Men that talk down to dancers and treat them like a lower class of human being don’t often have great experiences because the dancer’s don’t want to be around them.  Even a guy with a lot of money will not get a great response from dancers that don’t like the way they are being treated.

So, how should you treat them?  Treat them like Goddesses. 

They are, after all, pretty amazing. They aren’t afraid to please you.  They aren’t afraid of showing off their luscious curves and their silky smooth skin.  They are proud and worthy of a little worship.  So don’t treat them like slaves or hired help.  Treat them like Goddesses and you will be amazed at the responses that you get. You’ll get more attention, more conversation, more offers for lap dances and private dances.  These Goddesses will be racing to see who can get to you first if you treat them like God’s gift!

Start by showing up like you were ready to be around women as beautiful as the Rhode Island Dolls.  Be clean and smell nice.   Put on some clean clothes.  Would you go out to dinner with a beautiful woman dressed in the same clothing that you went jogging in?  Of course not.  Dancers provide you with a service and they deserve to have clean men to dance for!

Showing respect will get much better results than treating dancers at a gentleman’s club like they are not worthy of it.  Be courteous.  Smile.  When you show respect you get respect back. 

Don’t lurk.  Come out into the open.  Not only will you be able to admire the dancers better but it’s hard to tip from across the room!  If you are watching, you’re obviously appreciating so leave them a tip.  That’s what they are working for.  If you don’t want to tip, stay home and rent Striptease.

Pay compliments and make them genuine. There’s always something that you can compliment a dancer on. Is she great on the pole?  Does she have beautiful hair? Is she really nice?  Or maybe you love her costumes?  If you want to get a better response from the dancer pay her a compliment as you hand her a tip, give her a great smile, and I’ll bet she comes to see you when her set is over.

If the gentleman’s club you are at has a no touching policy then don’t touch!  Fold your hands in your lap, play with a straw, or sip your drink but keep your hands to yourself.

Don’t try to get one off while you are at a strip club.  Really – it’s just plain rude.  I know that might seem like common sense but you would be amazed how many guys try to discreetly pull one off when they think no one is looking.  But know that if you have your coat or hat in your lap or are turned away from them, the girls know exactly what you are doing.  They will think you are disrespectful and immature with no self-control and they will avoid you like the plague.

If you’re going to a strip bar, like RI Dolls for an ego boost, don’t try to get it by putting down the dancers or by treating them badly.  You’ll get a much bigger response and a real ego boost when they really want to be around them because you are treating them so well.  When you show that you really want to be there and that you appreciate them for the Goddesses that they are they will be eager to see how they can please you.  And think how good you are going to feel when every dancer in the house wants to be by your side!  Because that is just what will happen if you treat them right!