Trendy Halloween Costumes for RI Dolls Dancers This Year

dancers-halloween-costumesHalloween is coming fast and it is time to figure out what costume (or costumes!) you are going to wear when you go to work at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket this year. There are standard costumes that always go over well – devil woman, sexy witch, vampire. They are all fun but they’ve been done over and over again. Why not come up with something trendy and sexy this Halloween that will both make you stand out and indulge in some fun fantasies?

There are so many things to choose from but here are a few hot and sexy ideas for Halloween costumes that are sure to get the attention of every man in the club!

1. Harley Quinn of the Suicide Squad. Now this is one movie character that is getting loads of attention for her look. She’s sexy and a little demented and she’s hot as hell. How can any guy not love this costume? You can pick up a “Daddy’s Lil’ Monster” shirt almost anywhere. Make sure it is tight. If you pick it up cheap you can even have fun ripping it off. Or if you’re crafty you can build in some Velcro so it comes off easily and then can be used again. Cut a few rips in selective spots. Get some blue and red short shorts and add the crazy make-up. Don’t forget the red lips. Blonde hair in pony tails and red lips and some fishnet stockings complete the outfit. If you’re feeling daring you can use a baseball bat (painted white with some red blood!) as a prop for your routine.

2. Wonder Woman. There is no doubt that you have some super hero comic fans in your audience, whether you know it or not. Most women aren’t super big into comics but guys love it. It brings them back to their youth and when they see a woman pull off an sexy superhero it turns them to mush. You have two options for the Wonder Woman costume. You can do the standard Wonder Woman outfit with the high brief and high boots. Some guys still dig that. But the 2016 Wonder Woman is even hotter. She still has the high boots but she’s super sexy in darker body armor that hugs her curves. For inspiration check out the Batman vs Superman movie (the movie is not great but Wonder Woman is inspiring!).

3. Other superheroes. Even if Wonder Woman is not your style there are other sexy superhero chicks you can dress up as. How about Super Girl, She-Hulk, or Wasp. Even a classic like Cat Woman is still hot and all superheroes are trendy this year!

4. Anything from American Horror Story. This is one trendy show that is filled with Halloween costume ideas. Seriously – the show all the best stuff of Halloween. You’ll find new and updated versions of vampires and witches and even some hot S&M themed ideas. Almost anything goes if you got the idea from American Horror Story.

5. Any of the women from The Walking Dead. Michonne is a favorite female lead on The Walking Dead and Carol can kick some serious zombie butt. Get inspiration from Michonne’s dreadlocks or put on a short haired white wig to be Carol. Or how about dressing up as a sexy zombie? A little blood and guts can be hot with the right dance moves!

There are loads more ideas out there for costumes this Halloween season. Just take a look at the movies that have been popular this year and come out. Look at the television shows that people can’t stop watching. Dancing with the Stars has some pretty hot costumes. There is inspiration out there everywhere; you just need to be open to it!

Halloween is meant to be fun and full of fantasy to indulge your audience. What do you think they like? What movies and television shows have they been watching? What do they daydream about in their everyday lives?

The important thing is that you have fun with your costume. Try to come up with something that you are comfortable with and that expresses your personality. Perhaps you loved the new Star Wars movie – sure there’s some inspiration there! Or maybe you’re just a big geek that loves social media? Why not dress up as your favorite Snap Chat filter? As long as you have a good time and you put some time and effort into your outfit, everyone else will love it, too!