Visit Rhode Island Dolls To Make Business Trips More Fun

CelebrateIf you travel to Woonsocket, Rhode Island a lot, you know that business trips can be pretty boring. No matter where you travel to for business, if you go there a lot, you stay at the same hotels and eat at the same restaurants. But it doesn’t  have to be that way.

Have you ever thought about visiting a gentlemen’s club after a long and tedious day of meetings? It’s a great way to break up the monotony! RI Dolls is a lot of fun to visit when you’re on business in Woonsocket, RI.

It’s not just about seeing some dancers (although that’s a pretty good reason in itself) but you have to eat so why not eat where there’s great food and awesome entertainment?

I used to hate business trips but since I started going to Rhode Island Dolls whenever I’m in Woonsocket, I look forward to it so much more.

One of the things I used to miss when I was away from home on business was having a home cooked meal. Rhode Island Dolls has become my place to go to when I want something good to eat. I know, I know. You don’t think of a strip club as being a good place to go for delicious food, but trust me – RI Dolls is different! Plus, if I get there before dinner on some nights, there’s no cover charge!

My favorite dinner starts with Southwest Egg Rolls, then the BBQ Pulled Pork entree and Caesar Salad. I like to end my supper with a sweet dessert, like a slice of rich chocolate cake. I usually order a diet Coke and a double-shot of whiskey on the rocks with my supper. My choice of drinks for the rest of the night depends on my mood, but I prefer hard liquor to beer.

Once I’ve got some food in my belly, I’m much more relaxed and I’m ready for some fun. I like to watch the dancers on the stage for a while. I have another drink and let my food settle while they dance. I like to get up close to watch the main attraction, especially when the exotic dancer is a sexy and voluptuous blonde. I also have to admit that I’m a boob man, and when a stripper has big boobs, I am like putty in her hands. That’s the kind of girl I usually get lap dances from – several lap dances.

I look forward to my next trip to Woonsocket so I can go to Rhode Island Dolls again. I’ve been thinking of doing something I’ve never done before…I’m going to get a lap dance from two dancers at the same time! I’ve had a really busy month and I think I deserve a treat.

I can just see  how it will go down…

I spot the two sexiest blonde Dolls in the club and wave them over to my table. They sit down on either side of me and ask me my name. The Dolls introduce themselves as Amber and Tiffany. Then they ask me if I’m enjoying myself at the strip club. I reply that I am, but that my night would be even better if they would both dance for me at the same time. They giggle and say, “Sure!” in unison. With one girl on each arm, we casually walk over to a more intimate area of the club where I can totally enjoy my special dance.

I think these two blonde bombshells are good friends, or at least they are acting like they are best friends during my lap dance. Not only are they giving me a lot of attention, but they are also giving each other a lot of attention. I have to say, it’s very erotic to watch two girls tongue-kissing while they are naked right in front of me. Now they are each straddling one of my legs and gyrating their hips like belly dancers. As Amber leans in closer, Tiffany squeezes her thighs tight around mine. I swallow a big gulp to hold down my excitement. But, let me tell you, with these two hot chicks dancing on my lap, the last thing on my mind is work. In fact, nothing is on my mind except my lap dance.

The dance is over, so I thank Amber and Tiffany and give them a big tip. That one dance alone made my night. But, it isn’t the end of the night. I definitely don’t want to go back to the hotel now! So, I head back over to the main stage, find an empty seat, and I spend a couple more hours at RI Dolls gentleman’s club. I have a few more drinks, a couple lap dances, and I even get an awesome massage from the cute masseuse offering her services at a very reasonable price. You don’t get this kind of treatment sitting in a hotel room all alone!