Watch the Superbowl with the Rhode Island Dolls

Rhode Island Dolls Superbowl PartyOne of the most exciting events every year is the Superbowl. You get to cheer for your favorite teams, bet on who’s going to win, and have a great time watching the game with your friends and, if you’re lucky, your family. The Superbowl is something to look forward to all year long and something everyone starts talking about long before the teams who are going to play in the Superbowl are chosen. Personally, we’re going to be cheering for the New England Patriots if they make it. With odds of 7/2, it looks like they have a good chance this year.

Football isn’t all about the sport or even betting on the game though. What else is football about you ask? Why, the cheerleaders of course! Who doesn’t love it when their skirts fly up or when they kick their legs up high? Some men don’t even like football. They just watch it to see the cheerleaders. Whether or not you enjoy watching football, you can’t deny that having a beautiful lady by your side makes the game much better. Sure, you could hire a stripper to dress up as a cheerleader and come hang out with you, but why bother? You could even go to a regular strip club and hope that the club is showing the Superbowl game while you’re visiting with a stripper but you don’t have to go that route.

Instead of going to a strip club, why not go to a true gentlemen’s club? Rhode Island Dolls, located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is one of the most upscale gentlemen’s clubs around. Private rooms, great food and drinks, and all kinds of specials – what more could you want? Well, you can’t forget our beautiful exotic dancers. Each one of our RI Dolls is looking forward to meeting you and keeping you company while you’re at the club.

So what does the Superbowl have to do with the best gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island? Superbowl party! On February 3, we’ll be having our annual Superbowl Party. This is an event that you are not going to want to miss. RI Dolls will be open two hours before the game starts and the entry fee is only $30. Some things to look forward to at the party are:


Why not come in and have a fantastic dinner while you’re chatting with the dolls and waiting for the game to start? Do you get the munchies at half time? As one of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Rhode Island, we have the kind of food that you can expect. Enjoy beer battered onion rings, chicken fingers, shrimp cocktails, pizza, or an amazing sandwich or burger. Have dinner at the buffet and chat up the dolls while you watch the game.

Drink Specials

Football and drinks go hand in hand. When you attend the Superbowl party at RI Dolls you can enjoy great drinks all night long. Come by between 4 and 6 pm for the open bar. You can stop by and claim a great seat or just wait for your buddies to come by and join you. While you’re waiting, you can have fun visiting with the dolls.

Prizes and Giveaways

Everyone loves to win. Come to the party and you’ll be able to win some great prizes. We’ll also be having awesome giveaways. We will be giving away a fantastic prize of $1000 to one of our lucky partygoers. So if all the great food and drinks isn’t enough to convince you to come spend your Superbowl evening at RI Dolls, then the chance to win some fabulous prizes should!
The Beautiful Dolls

The gorgeous exotic dancers at RI Dolls are truly dolls. These sweet, beautiful women are looking forward to spending the evening with you, hopefully cheering on the New England Patriots, and relaxing while watching the game. We promise that you won’t even notice the cheerleaders on the game when you spend your evening with the beautiful girls at the club. They’ll make sure that you have a fantastic time all night long. Just think how fantastic it will be to cheer on the Patriots with the dolls, especially if they win?

We look forward to seeing you at the party on February 3!