Ways for RI Dolls Dancers To Improve Their Dance Moves

If there is one thing that dancers at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket know it is that they do much more than just bump and grind when they are dancing. In fact, most dancers know lots of different dance move and many of them take different kinds of dance classes and do other things to become the best of the best at what they do. If you’re considering becoming a doll at RI Dolls, here are some tips to ramp up your dance game.

One of the first things that any professional dancer will tell you is that you have to believe in yourself. The sexiest dance moves come from women who are confident.  Whether you’re belly dancing across the stage or grinding against a pole, take pride in your abilities and remind yourself that you’re awesome. After all, how are you going to convince the crowd that you’ve got great moves if you don’t even believe that you’re a talented stripper?

Another thing many dancers do is that they get into the mood before they start dancing for customers. No matter what is going on in your personal life, you need to be ready to leave that behind when you step on to the stage. When issues in your life start to overwhelm you, take a deep breath, think happy thoughts, and glide across the stage.  A fun dance routine will put a smile on every club visitor’s face, and it will probably cheer you up as well. Listen to the music and just do what feels right.

One thing that customers love is a beautiful belly and a dancer that knows how to show it off. Belly dancing is one of the sexiest ways to entertain a crowd.  There are numerous types of this popular dance, each of which are influenced by different regions around the world. If you want to watch an exotic dancer blow you away, ask around to find out which RI Dolls specialize in belly dancing.  Try not to get excited as you watch the Woonsocket dancer’s toned abdomen move in ways that you never imagined were possible. We triple-dog dare you.

Knowing how to move your hips will also get the customers worked up. A flick of the hips is seductive and alluring. If you haven’t learned to gyrate your hips just yet, now is a good time to add this move to your routine.  If you’re viewing rather than entertaining, we’re sure you’ll agree that half-price bottles taste even more refreshing when you’re watching a lovely lady shimmy across the stage. Bottoms up!

Have you ever taken salsa lessons? Salsa is one of the hottest forms of dance. It leaves onlookers breathless with the thought of what could happen next.  Many people think that salsa has to be done with a partner, but the truth is that you can tap your toes, swing your hips, and wiggle your arms just fine without the help of another dancer.  If you prefer dancing with someone else, grab a lucky man or woman out of the crowd – or point to yourself and let the stripper know you’re interested – and glide from corner to corner.

Make sure that you have shoes that are suited for dancing on stage. If you dance in heels all day, you’re probably used to it.  If not, choose a pair of pumps with a rounded, rather than triangular, toe. This alleviates the pain associated with too-tight heels and gives your toes room to breathe.  Gel insoles and heel pads also help prevent some of the discomfort associated with dancing in stilettos, so consider giving padding a try before you give up on wearing sexy shoes for good.  There’s also something playful and erotic about going barefoot on stage, so give that a try if the club owner okays it.

There are lots of things that you can learn from professional dancers at gentlemen’s clubs. Don’t be afraid of learning from others. Just watching a dancer at Rhode Island dolls can teach you a lot. But you can learn from other dancers, too. Watch movies that feature dancers like Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, and Footloose. You can find some great moves by watching movies like these.

Watch music videos, too. The moves that are in music videos can be complicated but sometimes you can pick out smaller moves that you can practice and emulate and bring to the floor. If you do it well, it might just get you a job at RI Dolls!