Ways for RI Dolls Dancers to Increase Their Fan Base

If you are a dancer at a gentleman’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you know that tips are your life. If you don’t make enough in tips you can actually end up losing money so it is critical to make sure that you have fans that will come back again and again. One of the big rules in marketing is that it is easier to keep customers than it is to find new ones so it is always a good idea to keep current customers happy. Some dancers don’t think of stripping as an independent business but if you do think of it that way, you’ll make a lot more money. When you make more money you can either work less or you can save more. Either one of those is a good thing.

One of the most important things you can do is to remember things about your customers. Remember their names, their jobs, and any other details they provide you with. When you give private dances, customers often talk about their lives. Strippers are more than just pretty faces – they are good listeners, too, which is one of the reasons that some customers come back again and again. They are lonely or they feel like no one else listens to them or they don’t have anyone that they can tell how they really feel. Instead of trying to just look like you’re listening when they are talking, actually listen. And make an effort to remember things they tell you. If you can bring up little things that they have mentioned when they are talking to you, they will think that you are extra special and they will keep coming back to you again and again.

Another good thing to remember is which costumes/outfits customers like most. Which outfits get you new customers that you’ve never seen before? Wear those outfits again or create new outfits based on the characteristics of the old outfits. If you find that customers like your cheerleader outfit, figure out what it is that they like about it. Is it maybe the fact that it reminds them of the girl that they had a crush on in school? Use that information to create new personas that appeal to the same things.

One of the biggest things you can do to retain your regular customers is to give them a way to connect with you off stage. Of course, you don’t want to reveal anything personal about yourself like your real name or where you live. Depending on who your main customer base is, you can let them connect with you on social media.

A Facebook Fan Page can be a fun way to connect with your fan base. It’s easy to set up and you can run it from your profile without them knowing who you actually are. You can share things like songs that you’re considering using in your next set, dates that you’re going to be on stage, and “personal” pictures that aren’t really personal at all. Remember not to share information that will help them identify where you live or other people in your life. One of the down sides of Facebook Fan Pages is that when someone likes a page, all of their friends can see that they have liked the page. If your main customer base is young and single men, that’s not a big deal. In fact, it is a drawing point because they may share things from your page. But if your main customer base is married men with children, they likely won’t want to reveal to their family and friends that they like a stripper’s fan page.

If that’s the case, you might want to go with a more confidential social media option, like SnapChat. On SnapChat, people who follow you can’t see who you follow. The only way that someone could see who you actually follow on SnapChat would be if they picked up your phone and got into your app. If a guy is smart, he can protect his phone with passwords. SnapChat can be a fun way to connect with fans because you can share little bits about your life without anything personal. Make sure the option to have your location set is not turned on though!

Keeping your regular customers coming back for more is a great way to make sure that you earn enough tips to make a good living. Connecting with them on a deeper level reminds them exactly why they love you so much and will keep them coming to the club to see more of you.