Ways for RI Dolls Dancers to Make St. Patrick’s Day Special

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you can bet that you’re going to have lots of Irish (and Irish for the day) customers that are eager to celebrate their favorite holiday with you! They are going to be looking for an extra fun night and there’s lots of ways that you can make the holiday special and fun for them. And you can have fun with it, too. All it takes is a little bit of creative thinking and you can put on a show that will put the other dancers to shame.

Holidays are a great time to make some extra money if you put the effort into it. During holidays, people are looking to have fun. They want to be around people that are in a good mood and they will show their appreciation if you help to make their night great. That can be a very good thing for you.

So where do you start? Well, with a lot of green of course! You can make any outfit special for St. Patrick’s Day with some green dye. How about a naughty St. Patrick’s Day nurse? Or a St. Patrick ’s Day cheerleader? Grab some green dye from the store and make that old stale outfit special for this day dedicated to the luck of the Irish. Green hair dye can be fun, too. Temporary hair dye costs very little and is easy to apply. Or if you don’t want to dye your hair, how about a funky green wig? Maybe something with a little bit of sparkle.

Of course, if you are not the creative type and cringe at the thought of having to dye an item of clothing, there are plenty of green costumes out there already. Green bikinis, panties, skirts, and more are pretty easy to find. You can even get green pasties to add a special touch. Or better yet, how about green pasties in the shape of a 4 leaf clover? A green boa, a green tie, or green body jewelry can add a touch of the Irish luck to your costume.

You don’t have to go all green on St. Patrick’s Day though. Why not grab a simple man’s white shirt and pair it with some funky St. Patrick’s Day boxers? Dance to Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll by Bob Seager and the Silver Bullet Band like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Add a little green sparkly hairspray to your hair to add some oomph to a regular costume. Be a surfer girl with an itsy bitsy teenie weenie green polka dot bikini. A little bit of green can go a long way.

Of course, if you really want to stick with the St. Patrick’s Day theme there’s lots of accessories that you can use. How about:

  • A sparkly green leprechaun hat
  • Shamrock shaped sunglasses
  • A little pot of gold with chocolate coins
  • Printed panties with pots of gold or shamrocks on them
  • St. Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos
  • St. Patrick’s Day tattoo sleeves
  • Shamrock printed leg warmers
  • St. Patrick’s Day glow necklace or bracelet
  • Green body paint to paint your body with shamrocks
  • Fake green nails
  • Fake green eyelashes

Another thing you can do to make your St. Patrick’s Day performances special is choose some fun song selections. Get into the Irish theme with songs and base your performance around those. Look for popular Irish singers and groups like Sinead O’Connor, The Cranberries, The Waterboys, Think Lizzy, and The Pogues. What better way to celebrate this Irish holiday than by dancing to the tunes of some great Irish talent? Look for dance versions of your favorite Irish songs or ask the DJ if he can put together a remix version for some extra flair.

St. Patrick’s Day should be fun so make sure that you include great music and fun accessories in your dance routine and you’ll be sure to draw in a crowd. You’ll get better tips and everyone will have a great time.

Of course, you should remember to always treat your guests special but on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is out to have a good time.