We Had Our 40th Anniversary Party at RI Dolls

My wife and I have changed a lot over the years. We’ve had different careers. We’ve raised kids. We’ve travelled. We’ve had a good life. Our friends think we’ve become a little bit eccentric though. We just laugh it off. So, when our anniversary was coming up, we decided that we wanted to do something completely unexpected.

We decided to have our anniversary party at Rhode Island Dolls, a gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, RI.

When I brought up the idea to my wife I thought she would laugh her face off at me. I mean, she knew that I went there with some of my buddies once or twice a month and she had no problem with it. But our anniversary celebration? I didn’t expect her to agree to that.

We did agree that having a smaller celebration for our parents and some more conventional family members might be a good idea but everyone else? They would be invited to RI Dolls!

We booked some space in the VIP room on they Saturday closest to our anniversary. We wanted to enjoy some food before the festivities began so we checked out the menu ahead of time and pre-ordered meals. My wife was pretty impressed with the menu.

Of course, because it was in the VIP room, we also had some privacy and access to some premium liquor and champagne. All our guest enjoyed that. We kept the VIP portion of the night small and the two of us and 10 of our friends had an amazing time.

The rest of our guests were due to show up after dinner. It was pretty much a free for all then. I was truly surprised at how many people showed up. Even some of our more conservative friends came, with wives in tow. Our oldest son and his wife and one of our daughters and her husband showed up, too. We even had a grandson that had just turned 21 who thought it was a real hoot that his grandparents were having an anniversary celebration at a strip club!

We also planned for some games and prizes for later in the night, which the dancers helped us with. We had some adult games to give away, strip aerobics classes, a stripper pole, and of course, lap dances and private dances with the dancers at RI Dolls. Sure, we’re putting a bit of money into it but we wanted this to be the anniversary party that our friends never forget.

I think in the end that everyone had a great time. All of my buddies came over and asked me how I convinced my wife to do this. I told them I just suggested it. They didn’t believe me.

My wife told me later that she had a good time. A really good time. Which I could tell when she was getting a lap dance from one of my favorite dancers as she sipped on another glass of her favorite wine. She said that she actually would not have minded going back again – just the two of us. I’m not sure what inspired her so much but I’m so glad that the idea came to fruition.

Gentlemen’s clubs are way different than they used to be. They are fun and sexy and anyone can go and have a good time at them. It’s a good place to spend an afternoon with your buddies, having a couple of beers and some hot wings. But it’s also a good place to go in mixed company. Most women have no idea what actually happens at strip clubs so it’s a good idea to invite your better half and share that part of your life with her. Especially if she has never been to a gentleman’s club before. Stay close to her and let her decided what she wants to do and how much she wants to interact with the dancers. You might be surprised when she finds that she actually has a good time. She might be even more surprised!

An anniversary party at a strip club – I never thought that my wife would be game for that but she was and that party happened. The dolls at the club said that we were definitely one of the most interesting parties they had every had in the club.