We’re Celebrating A Year Of Being Parents at RI Dolls

Being parents is so much more fun than we ever thought it would be. But it’s been challenging, too. We’ve had to learn so much. And the changes – I seriously never realized how much our lives would change! Both of us love being parents but one thing is certain – we don’t get to spend as much time together as we used to so for our little guy’s first birthday, we decided we would celebrate with him and our family during the day. But the evening? We are going to celebrate for us.

We’ve decided that after our little one’s first birthday party, we’d have the grandparents sleep over to watch our baby while we go out. We are so ready for an adult evening! And the best way to have a great time with adults is to go to a strip club. That’s why we’re heading to RI Dolls. Since it’s in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it’s not too far away. They always play great music and you can’t beat the food. Did you know, their food is so good it’s won awards?

As I lounge back in my favorite chair playing on the iPad, my mind starts to drift. I can’t stop thinking about going to RI Dolls with my beautiful wife. In no time at all, I find myself fantasizing about our up-coming date night to celebrate the one year anniversary of our child’s birth – adult-style.

We are both dressed up and looking good. We eat a fabulous dinner at Rhode Island Dolls, and the food exceeds our expectations. Now we’re ready for the real entertainment. Our focus switches to the exotic dancers around us. We both appreciate their talents as dancers, and we enjoy the Dolls as if they are a fine piece of art. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a nude female body. It’s just icing on the cake that these female bodies at RI Dolls are dressed in stunning gowns and sexy lingerie.

My wife and I sip our favorite beverages. She has a cosmopolitan, and I have a spiced rum and Coke. While we watch the lovely ladies dancing around us, a Doll comes to our table and asks us if we’re having fun at the club. We both smile and politely tell her that we are. We then talk about our baby’s first birthday and how we’re there to forget about parenting for a night and remember what it’s like to be a couple. I glance at my wife and without saying a word, I ask her if she wants a dance with this stripper. She knew exactly what I was saying just by looking into my eyes, and she said yes.

I found another really sexy Doll, and my wife and I sit side-by-side while a stripper gives us a private dance. It is so much fun having a sexy woman dancing naked in front of me, all while my wife is enjoying the same thing right next to me. At first, I think the strippers are being a little conservative. But once they realize how open my wife and I are, they stepped it up a notch and give us the best lap dance we’ve ever had.

Watching this beautiful blonde girl with soft, tan skin dancing right in front of me got my blood pumping. She has rhythm, and she has grace. She moves in ways that I’ve never seen any woman move before. She oozes sexuality with every twist of her waist and shimmy of her hips. Her long and shiny hair smell like coconuts, and it reminds me of a tropical beach. Her skin is glowing. She has the cutest little mole on the side of her breast that is a total turn-on.

When I look at my wife sitting next to me. I can see she is having as much fun as I am. Her stripper has dark brown hair, and skin as white and smooth as porcelain. She is more voluptuous than my stripper. She is almost the complete opposite of the stripper dancing for me, but no less beautiful. With her back to my wife, the stripper asks to unhook her dress. My wife is hesitant because she isn’t sure if that is allowed, but since the stripper asked, she is happy to help. It is very erotic to watch my wife help the dancer remove her clothes. Then she begins to dance between my wife’s knees and I’m thinking I’m going to burst.

I force myself back to reality, looking around to make sure no one saw my daydreaming. I am starting to get too carried away with my fantasy. It is, after all, the morning of my daughter’s birthday party. We have plenty of time to not only fantasize, but enjoy the real thing tonight when we go to Rhode Island Dolls. I can’t wait!