What Kinds of Dances Are There at Gentleman’s Clubs? Woonsocket Rhode Island FAQ

Types of dances at Rhode Island Strip ClubsWhen you go to a gentleman’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, you might come across several different types of dances that the girls may give customers.  Not every strip club will have all of these dances available.  Some of them are public and take place on the club floor.  Others are in private.  As you can expect, private dances will cost more than public dances.  Private dances are also likely to be more intimate.  Remember to tip though, no matter what kind of dance you are getting.  The girls appreciate it when you show your appreciation with dollars!

The first kind of dance is the Dollar Dance.  The name of it might be different, depending on the club that you are at but the idea is the same.  It is kind of like a tease.  It is meant to entice you into getting a lap dance or a private dance.  It is short and sassy and it is a great way to see if you want more.  Dollar dances usually are offered right after a stripper finishes her set on the stage.  If it is not offered you shouldn’t ask for it. In some clubs, they might only be offered during the day.  The dancer will approach you after her set and will ask if you’d like a dollar dance and if you agree she’ll give you a quick taste of her skills, up close and personal.  They usually are not any longer than about 30 seconds and you shouldn’t expect too much intimacy during the dance.

Like dollar dances, table dances are not offered at every club but they can sure be fun.  Clubs that have a lot of floor space tend to offer them.  They don’t usually happen on tables unless a club happens to have very sturdy tables.  Dancers don’t like the idea of getting hurt on the job.  Can you blame them?  There are some places where you can still have the dancer dance on the table for you though.  These dances are longer than dollar dances but they still are not as intimate as a dance in a private room.  They are usually a couple minutes long and although only one person will get the up close and personal, if you came with anyone they will be able to enjoy watching her dance, too.

Now the private dance is when it gets really fun!  Private dances are just that – a dance between you and the stripper and no one else.  Well, kind of.  They are more private than a floor dance and they are usually at least somewhat more intimate but the “private” room might just be a side room in the club that has some furniture and mirrors.  It might be completely open to the rest of the strip club or it might have curtains for a little more privacy.  There is likely to be a bouncer near the entrance of the room to make sure that the dancer is completely safe.  Costs vary but don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay up front and you should still expect to leave a tip.  If you are getting a private dance with your wife or girlfriend (women tend to prefer these kinds of dances compared to table dances) you should expect to pay double. Some people try to bargain with the dancer but this is considered to be rude and disrespectful.  When people bargain it is like telling the dancer that she’s not worth the price, so don’t do this.

Finally, there is the dance that everyone wants but not everyone can afford – the VIP Room dance. A true VIP room will be a completely private room.  Well, mostly. There might still be a bouncer standing outside the door to make sure she is safe or there might be a camera or two way mirrors but at least there are walls.  Some clubs require that you buy a bottle of champagne.  There are still rules but you get a more intimacy with most VIP Room dances.  The dancer will likely spend more time with you and it is almost like a date type of setting.  The lighting is dimmed but only enough to make it sexy.  You’ll still get a good look at everything that she is willing to offer.