What Should You Expect from Your Tip at a Strip Club Like Rhode Island Dolls?

Rhode Island Dolls - Tipping Strippers, Lap Dancers, BartendersIf you have never been to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls, then there are a few things you should learn before you step foot through the doors. You can’t touch the girls, you must be polite and civil, and you won’t get laid. A striper is not the same as a prostitute, especially the Rhode Island Dolls. These are sophisticated girls with hot bodies who don’t mind showing off their assets for some cash. But the number one thing that confuses guys in a strip club is how much to tip, and what they get for their tip.

Tips at the Center Stage

When you first walk into Rhode Island Dolls, or any other gentlemen’s club, you will quickly notice the large center stage. This stage is usually surrounded by a small bar or counter that is a little lower so customers can sit there with their drinks and watch the action. There is one or two dancers at a time on the center stage, performing for anywhere between 3 to 6 songs in a row. During the dance, customers are encouraged to tip the stripers, and in return, the customers will get a little special attention.

For example, you are sitting at the stage with your favorite beer. You take a one-dollar bill and put on the edge of the stage, right in front of you. The stripper will slink over to you and give you a little show. She may spread her legs wide for you to see her goods, or she may bounce her perky breasts in your face. She will then take the dollar, or allow you to slip it into her garter belt or her panties.

When you sit at the center stage, you are expected to tip over and over again, for the duration of the time you are there to show your appreciation for the dancer. The more you tip, the more attention you’ll receive. If you don’t tip repeatedly, then get up and let someone else have the seat.

Tips for Other Stage Dancers

In some clubs, there are smaller poles and dance floors throughout the bar. There may or may not be seating near these smaller stages. If you are walking by and you stop to look at the beautiful dancer, then it is only right that you tip her. Again, a single dollar slipped into her garter is perfectly acceptable and encouraged. When you do, she’ll give you a little extra attention, just like the dancer on the main stage. If you stand there for another few minutes admiring her smooth body, then give her another tip. Just like at the main stage, you should consistently tip the exotic dancer as you remain there watching her show. If you don’t want to tip her, then you should move on.

Tips for Lap Dances

Every guy wants a lap dance when they go to a strip club. One look at the hot chicks at RI Dolls and you’ll want a lap dance, too. Yes, you’ll pay a price for a lap dance, but that isn’t the end of it. Throughout your special dance, you should tip the stripper a few times. While giving her a single dollar is acceptable, if you tip more money, you’ll usually get a better show. Since your lap dance is already rather private, when you tip the dancer you can expect her to take the next step by becoming a little more physical. This is usually done by her siting on you and grinding into your bulging pants, brushing her hair on you, blowing in your ear, or she might even pull your face close to her breasts. Some girls will also spread her ass checks apart for you to see her up close and personal. But remember to keep your hands to yourself and let her to all the showing. The more you tip, the better show you’ll get.

Tips in the VIP Rooms

Now, not everyone makes it into the VIP room, which usually means you have a lot of cash and can afford to buy a premium bottle of champagne just to get in. If you do get in, and you’ve dished out a hundred dollars or more, you are still expected to tip. Remember, it’s only polite to tip the dancers to show them how much you appreciate them. In the privacy of the VIP room things can get more risqué, as long as they don’t step over the line into prostitution. Again, the more you tip, the better your show will be. The more money you tip, the more flesh you’ll see. Your favorite dancer might even give you a longer dance and some extra attention if you tip her well.

Tips for Your Drinks

Don’t forget, Rhode Island Dolls is also a bar and you have a bartender and a waitress that are serving you. So you should also tip your waitress each time she brings you a refreshing beverage or a mouth-watering meal. Tipping your servers lets them know that you appreciate the running around they are doing for you to ensure you get the best drinks and great food. And if you tip well, you just might get your drinks and your snacks quicker.

These are just a few of the things you can expect from your tip at a strip club, like RI Dolls. Remember that this although the girls here really enjoy their jobs, it is a job none-the-less. So show the girls how much you enjoy them by giving them all a good tip.