What To Tell Your Wife To Convince Her to Let You Go To Rhode Island Dolls

Work is exhausting. Kids are exhausting. Even wives can be exhausting sometimes. A few of your buddies clued you in on a secret recently – RI Dolls can be a great place to unwind and relax. Great. One problem – isn’t that a strip club? How exactly do you convince your wife that you need to go to a strip club?

First, you have to make sure you and your wife understand the difference between a night club and a gentleman’s club. A gentleman’s club is a classy and elegant social club for people to enjoy good conversation and delicious food while enjoying a show put on by the entertainers. The entertainers being the exotic dancers and strippers. After all, that is what the dancers and strippers at RI Dolls are – entertainers.

Is explaining what a gentleman’s club is not enough to sell your wife on the idea? Well, here are a few different approaches you could take to convince her.

Tell Her It Will Make Your Bond Stronger

Let your wife know that going to a strip club will just remind you of how classy of a woman she is. Make sure your wife understands going to a strip club is only going to make you love her and want her more. At Rhode Island Dolls, you will just be watching strippers and exotic dancers perform. By the time you come home? You’ll be burning with passion for her. You could even try telling her to think of it as foreplay.

Tell Her You Are Going To Cheer Up Your Friend

Wives tend to love when you talk emotions with them. After all, it is one of those things wives complain about and wish their husbands did more often. So, try doing that. Tell your wife you have a friend who has been really depressed lately. You are only going to a strip club to try to cheer your friend up!

Tell Her It Is Work Related – You Have No Choice

One surefire way to convince your wife you need to go to a strip club is to tell her you do not have a choice in the matter. You have to work to pay the bills and your boss is insisting on a meeting at the strip club. Why? Because your boss likes going there. In this situation, the venue is out of your hands and your wife can’t be too mad about it.

Ok, so these methods of convincing your wife you have to go to a strip club may not work for anyone. Why? Maybe your wife doesn’t buy the idea of going to a strip club to make you get closer. It is also possible you aren’t going for work or because of a sad friend and you just can’t lie about it.

Encourage Her To Go To A Strip Club Too

Why should you be the only one who gets to enjoy exotic dancers and strippers? Think your wife might be interested in watching male strippers and exotic dancers? You could offer the ultimate exchange. She goes to a strip club for women and you go to a strip club for men – problem solved!

If your wife doesn’t like the idea of going to watch exotic male dancers or you don’t like the idea of her going – you might think you are out of options. Is there a way to convince her to let you go to the strip club at this point?

Fortunately, there still is. It, however, may or may not be what you have planned. Why not consider making it a date night? Who said you had to go to the gentleman’s club by yourself? Invite your wife to go with you! Going to the strip club together – as a couple – can be a very sensual experience. It can be incredible foreplay for you to light a fire of passion that you two can take home together.

After all, stop and close your eyes for a moment. Now, picture your wife getting a lap dance from a gorgeous Rhode Island Doll. The only think more exciting than watching exotic dancers is watching them give a lap dance to the woman you are in love with.

The best thing you can do in this situation is just talk to your wife about it. You never know what she is going to say if you don’t bother asking her. You never know, maybe she’ll like the idea as much as you do!