When I’m Free To Go Out I’m Celebrating At Rhode Island Dolls

As the words “I’m free!” are echoing in my mind, I’m planning my first night out since this whole Covid-19 social isolation business started. The last few weeks staying at home have been horrible, and I’m ready to shake it all off by going out with my boys to RI Dolls gentleman’s club. This is my favorite strip club in New England, and if you’ve been there before, you know why. If you’ve never been here, then you have to go check it out. 

Now, I’ve already decided that we’ll go to RI Dolls on Saturday night. So far, 5 of my buddies are coming with me to celebrate my new freedom. Luckily, I won’t be the driver so I can enjoy a few alcoholic beverages without worrying about having to get behind the wheel. My plan is to get there early so we have plenty of time to rock the house, but my friend Johnny is never on time. I’ll be happy if we get there by 9 PM. 

The first thing I’m going to do when I get to the club is order a shot of tequila. There’s nothing like starting the night off right with a gulp of strong alcohol to get the juices flowing. The second thing I’m going to so is find the first sexy girl who isn’t already occupied and have her dance for me. I don’t care weather it’s right there at our table or over on one of those soft couches in the back. I’m just ready to see some naked ladies shake their booty in front of me. 

You see, my ex was the jealous type of girl, so she tried to keep me on a short leash. This is one of the reasons why we broke up. I always had to lie in order to go out and have fun with my boys. I got sick of it. I will never again lie to any woman again about where I’m going. If a girl doesn’t like it, then tough. This behavior of my ex-girlfriend’s really has me wound up tight, but tonight I’m going to break out in a big way. 

After my first dance, I’m going to ask one of the pretty Dolls to hang out at our table for a while. I need to be around some normal women. Actually, I’m looking for a dancer who is the complete opposite of my ex. I’m hoping there will be a dancer with long red or strawberry blonde hair, long legs, and an ass that I can bounce a quarter off of. If I can find the right girl and we hit it off, she will get all of my money that night!

I’m going to try and set a personal record and have the same stripper give me at least 10 lap dances throughout the night. This may be ambitious of me, but remember, I’m just getting over a bad breakup and I need some fun in my life. I’m not sad about it, but I’ve been under a lot of stress and it’s about time I get rid of the stress for good. Actually, I wonder… if I act like I’m sad will I get some brownie points with a stripper?! Nah! I’m not that kind of guy! I’m all about the party, not the drama. 

Between lap dances, I know my friends will be giving each other little challenges and dares all night long. It’s just something we do. Tom will dare Johnny to ask a stripper to do something silly, like squeeze her boobs for him. Al will try to get Johnny to guzzle a beer in 30 seconds. Alex will demand that Johnny buy him a dance cause he always runs out of money too fast when we go to RI Dolls. Poor Johnny seems to get the brunt of it all. It’s probably because the dude’s a crazy mo-fo. 

My final task for Saturday night is going to be leaving with a stripper’s stocking. I have a thing about thigh-high stockings, especially when they are hugging a sexy, smooth, and tight leg. Yes, I’m a leg guy. While I’d love to be the one to take it off her, it’s probably against the rules. So, I’ll settle for just watching her unhook the stocking from her garter belt, and then slowly roll it down her sexy leg until it falls off the tip of her toes. Then it will go straight into my pocket for safe keeping.

When I get home, I’ll cherish that stocking and it will serve as a reminder of the night I went to RI Dolls and was finally free from the torment of my ex-girlfriend. If my night goes like this, I’ll be one happy camper! If not, then I’ll just have to go back to RI Dolls again and make it happen!