When My Summer Vacation is Too Far Away I Go to RI Dolls

Winter sucks. Really. I know there are some people who love it because they go vacationing in warm countries or they love skiing and other crazy outdoor winter sports or because they live somewhere warm. I don’t. I live in Rhode Island and it’s cold for most of the winter. Even spring can be kind of chilly. I hate outdoor sports in the winter. I like being warm so I stick to indoor stuff. And I can only afford one vacation a year and it usually doesn’t involve flying anywhere. Well, I guess I could but I’m saving to buy a house so that means no expensive vacations.

Winter can seem to drag on forever.

But the one thing that keeps me going when my summer vacation plans are just too far away is a weekend trip to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket. I have a couple buddies that are in the same position I am and when we head to RI Dolls, we forget about the fact that there is just so much winter left in the year.

We’ve been hanging out at RI Dolls on weekends long enough to know some of the staff and the dancers that stick around know us by name so we’re pretty comfortable there. It’s a good place to sit back and relax and forget about all the work stress of the week. I swear, without RI Dolls and my weekend visits there, some weeks I’d never make it back to work on Monday.

Usually the guys and I head over there Friday night right after work. Sometimes, we even manage to get out of work early. We head over and get something to eat. I’m partial to their amazing burgers but some nights I need something extra filling so I get a nice juicy steak. My buddies and I love the food there. It’s not like fast food – it’s real quality meals so compared to the fast food we eat during the week we’re having a really good meal.

And of course, we have to wash it all down with a couple of beers. During the week, I stick to standard beer but on Friday night I splurge for a premium brand – something that tastes really good with my food and goes down nice and smooth. If we’ve had a particularly rough week, one of us might order a round of shots.

By the time we are done eating and having a few drinks, we’re ready to move to the tables by the stage so we can enjoy the show. I know my friends all have their favorite dancers and they usually get a lap dance or a private dance from them at some point in the evening. But me? I love all of them. Seriously. I think variety is the spice of life so I really enjoy watching all the dancers. I love the blondes and the brunettes and the redheads. I love the slim girls and the more voluptuous women that dance on the stage. They all have something to offer.

But if I had to pick a favorite type? I love the new girls the most. There is something so sweet and precious about them. I’m not talking about the girls that are new to the club but have been doing the stripper circuits for years. They are great and all – they are usually super good dancers – but it is the dancers that are completely new to erotic dancing in public that really get to me.

I like the girls that get up on stage and you know it is their first time. I like the way they look around nervously, like if someone makes a wrong move they’ll be scared off the stage. I like the girls that really have no clue yet how extremely sexy they are. Sometimes it is the hottest girls that are completely unaware of their sex appeal. And there’s something special about that.

When there is a brand new dancer on the stage, it is a special night for me. I make sure that I pay her lots of attention and that she gets lots of tips and smiles from me. And I want to be the first guy that she gives a private dance to. I want to be the first guy that gets to see her dance just for me.

Rhode Island Dolls has gotten me through a few winters that have lasted too long and this winter is not any different. Twenty-one weeks until my summer vacation time. Twenty-one weekends at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket.