When RI Dolls Dancers Show Up Early To Work Good Things Can Happen

Often, the thing that appeals to women who become dancers at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is the money. There’s a lot of other good reasons they might become strippers, like control and a feeling of empowerment and having fun but the money is definitely a big part of the allure of the job.

But if you really want to wow your managers, it’s time to get serious and treat your entertainment job as a career. The best way to do that is to come into work early. Many Dolls don’t do this because they think they won’t make as much money with more girls around. In fact, the more strippers there are in a club, the more customers there will be. So you could actually make more money. Continue reading to learn why you should show up early for work at RI Dolls:

Good Work Ethics Build Trust

People notice when you show up early to work. That includes managers, bouncers, servers, and the other staff. They see that you care about your job and that you are serious. They never have to worry about you showing up late or not showing up at all. When they see this, they know they can count on you and can trust you.

Because of your dedication and good work ethics, the managers, bartenders, bouncers, DJs, and other people working at the club will send customers you way. You could end up with more tips at the end of the night because of your devotion to your job.

You Give Yourself Time To Get Psyched Up

You know which days are the busiest and what times the big crowds and high rollers start coming in. If you show up earlier than you’re scheduled, you’ll have time to warm up before the crowd comes in. Your first couple of dances can be thought of as stretching your body and warming up your muscles. You’re confidence will be up by the time it gets busy, since you’ve “practiced” before your shift actually started.

There’s a famous phrase that states “success breads success.” Since you already have a few bills stuffed in your garter because you were successful at the beginning of the night, you’ll be even more confident to make the big bucks during the busiest part of the evening. When the customers see the money in your garter from earlier in the day, and the other Dolls dancing have nothing in their garters yet, customers will automatically assume you’re really good. They’ll want to give you more money.

You Can Build Your Own Opportunities For Success

You’ve got to treat a job dancing at Rhode Island Dolls the same way you’d treat other jobs. You need to be respectful, you need to look good, you have to show up on time (but early is better), and you should always do your best work. Again, coming in early for your shift shows that you are serious about your job. You are striving for success and your managers will see it.

When you want to be a successful erotic dancer at RI Dolls, you need to leave your negative emotions at the door. Instead, always have a positive attitude when you’re in the club. When you’re in a good mood, you’ll dance better and you’ll earn more money. People thrive on positive energy, so if you bring yours into the club early, you’re bound to have a great night at work.

You Have Time To Get Ready

When you show up early for work, you won’t be rushing around to get your costume on or make sure your hair is perfect. You won’t be scrambling to put on your makeup, or hope that you have time for a bathroom trip before you have to go on stage. When you show up early, you have plenty of time to prepare yourself, both physically and mental, for your shift. You can take that extra time to make sure you hair and makeup is perfect. You can listen to the music and start getting into a dancing mood. Since you’re not rushing, you probably won’t forget anything. You’ll be nice and relaxed and ready to dance, instead of being a ball of nerves from rushing.

And Yes, You Make More Money

This is obvious to most strippers, but not to everyone. The more you work, the more customers you can perform for, and the more money you’ll make. So if you show up for work an hour early, that’s just more money in your pocket at the end of the night. Even if you’re coming into work in the afternoon when things are usually quiet, you will still have more money than if you showed up for work on time.