When You Go To RI Dolls, What Does Your Body Language Say? Does It Matter?

Your body language speaks louder than your words and you should be aware of it, even when you’re somewhere like Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, RI. You don’t even have to speak and long before you say your first words, people are forming an impression about you.

Smiling faces tell others that they are approachable and friendly. Crossed arms suggest that you don’t want others to talk to you. So, when you’re at RI Dolls, what is your body language telling the dancers, the staff, and others around you?

If you take a minute to observe your own body language when you are at the strip club, you may understand better why you get the reactions you do. You can also learn how to change your body language so you can get more attention from the dancers!

At a gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, body language says a lot. If you are hoping a sexy stripper will approach you, you need to be giving off the right signals to invite her over. If you’re sitting at a table with your arms and legs crossed and you’re staring down at the table, you appear unapproachable. You’re using your body to close yourself off from the rest of the club, and the exotic dancers will assume you don’t want to be bothered. Even if you don’t have your arms and/or legs crossed, your eyes will say a thousand words. Instead of looking down, look around and make eye contact with the Doll you want to talk to or get a dance from. She’ll know you’re interested in you and come over as soon as she can.

If you’re overly excited and you can’t sit still, that can also be a signal for the ladies to stay away. If you’re constantly flailing your arms and moving your feet, the strippers may think you’re too drunk or too impulsive to dance for. They don’t want to run the risk of you reaching out and touching them while they try to entertain you. A strip club like Rhode Island Dolls is a classy and respectable place that provides adult entertainment, it’s not the place to be acting out of control or getting super drunk. If you can’t show the strippers the respect they deserve by controlling yourself, then they won’t want to have anything to do with you.

When you show interest in a Doll, there are several things you can do to make sure she knows it. This could be the difference between getting passed over for a dance with another customer or putting you first in line for the time of your life. You could slightly turn your upper body in her direction when she’s chatting with you at your table. This tells her that you are seriously interested in her. A small grin tells her that you might be hiding something, but that’s okay in a strip club. It also tells her that you’re flirty and looking for a no-strings-attached adventure.

Be aware of every itch and scratch. Body language experts say that every time a guy is talking to a girl and he scratches his crotch, puts his thumbs into the belt loop on his pants, or touches his belt, he’s trying to draw attention to his package. He’s doing it subconsciously, but it is what it is. If you do anything like scratch yourself or fiddle with your belt buckle at Rhode Island Dolls or any other strip club, you’ll make the ladies want to turn and run away because you pose a risk of going too far during a private dance.

Then there are people that sit on their hands. You may find yourself doing this during a lap dance so that you’re not tempted to try and touch the stripper. But oftentimes guys who sit on their hands are trying to control what comes out of their mouths. After all, you want to be nice to the stripper, but you’re not here to start a long-lasting love affair. The pressure of having something to say without being personal can weigh a lot on a guy. Dancers understand this. Don’t try so hard and everything will be fine. Take your hands out of your butt, relax, and enjoy the experience.

These are just some of the signals that you could be giving off when visiting RI Dolls or any other gentlemen’s club. Maybe you’ve realized that you do some of these things and that could be why you have trouble getting strippers to come to your table? Or maybe you’ve learned a few new moves to entice the Dolls to come to you? The point is that body language says a lot, without speaking a word. When you can use your body to ensure you’re giving the right signs, your time at RI Dolls can be amazing.