Whenever I’m On My Own For The Weekend I Go To RI Dolls

My wife never has any trouble going away for the weekend on her own. Sometimes she goes off with the girls and sometimes she takes the kids with her to go visit her parents or visit friends in another state. She does always invite me, but most of the time I have a good reason to stay behind. It might be work or a project I’m working on. I know she’d rather have time on her own anyway.

And so would I

This weekend her and the kids are going to spend one last weekend at her friend’s beach house. I act like I’m sad I can’t go but the truth is, I’ve got plans of my own.

She’s been putting aside frozen meals for me to eat while she’s gone but I keep telling her she doesn’t have to do that because I can cook for myself. Even though I’d likely just eat macaroni and cheese if I didn’t have other plans. But the truth is that I have no intentions of eating those frozen dinners (I’ll likely bring them to work or something for the guys to eat) because I plan on going to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club every night for dinner.

Ok, not just dinner, but I’m going to eat while I’m there. They really do have great food. Burgers and personal pizzas and even steak. There’s nothing like one of their steaks with a cold beer to end the day. And that’s what I’m going to do as soon as I get off work.

My wife knows that I go to RI Dolls sometimes and she really doesn’t mind so it’s not like I have to hide it from her. But I just want this next few days while the wife and the kids are away to be all about me. I promise, as soon as they get back I’ll go back to being the good dad and driving the kids around to their various activities and running errands for my wife on weekends. But this weekend I’m going to relax and enjoy myself.

By hitting up RI Dolls several nights in a row, I’ll be sure to see all of my favorite dancers. Of course I have more than one!  Doesn’t every guy have a few different types of women that he loves to fantasize about? There’s this one rocker chick that really gets me worked up. She reminds me of this girl that I used to date back in college. She’s got long dark hair and heavy black eyeliner that makes her green eyes pop and she loves leather. I have dreamed about her dancing to songs like Girls, Girls, Girls and Cherry Pie. And this weekend I’m sure she’ll be there on the main stage. She’s a big attraction. And then there’s the sweet looking blonde girl with the curls and the voluptuous curves that loves to dress up as a sexy secretary. She looks so innocent but when she does that routine of hers with the office chair on wheels as her main prop she makes me wish that there was a sexy secretary like that at my job. It’s probably better that there isn’t though, otherwise no one would ever get any work done!

Tonight and Friday night I’m going by myself. I just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the show on my own. I mean, I’m sure I’ll talk to people (besides the dancers) but mostly I just want to be on my own. On Saturday night I’ve invited a couple of my buddies though and we’re going to have a great time. I’m thinking that since these buddies and I don’t get to go to Rhode Island Dolls together that often, we might get the VIP room for a bit and really have a fun night.

Rhode Island Dolls is always a great time for me. I have never had a bad experience there. The food is awesome, they always have lots of my favorite beer in stock, and they have a nice selection of premium liquors, too. And the dolls always make me feel at home. They make me feel like they have missed me and they make a big fuss over me. I’m not rich or anything, but I treat them right and I tip well. And I always get a private dance or two. It’s one of the things that you just can miss at RI Dolls.

My wife and kids are going away for four days and yes, I plan on completely spoiling myself with three days in a row of Rhode Island Dolls. I’m not ashamed.